Try the advanced technology in clinics

When you practice at an independent clinic within a Specsavers, you get access to the latest technology. Have a look at what you have available at your finger tips to provide the best care possible for your patients. Pre-test Trained eyecare consultants support you by taking every patient through pre-test, so you receive results directly […]

OD Q&A: Top tips for eye health in middle age

Optometrists share their top tips for eye health in middle age Maintaining eye health is important at every age, from childhood to adulthood, and throughout your senior years. Middle age is a particularly important life stage when it comes to eyes. That’s because genetics, as well as diseases such as diabetes or even excess screen time, […]

OD Q&A: Spotting vision issues in children

How to spot – and treat – vision problems in children Taking care of your eye health is a life-long pursuit, and one that should start in early childhood. After all, many vision issues can go undetected until they progress significantly, underscoring the importance of regular, thorough eye exams. And eye health looks different at […]

OD Q&A: What seniors need to know about eye health

What seniors need to know about eye health, according to optometrists As we get older, many things change and evolve – including our eyes. The aging process can impact vision, and eyesight in a variety of ways, from naturally changing vision, to cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration. According to the Canadian Council of the Blind, […]

OD Q&A: What women need to know about their eye health

What women need to know about their eye health It’s a fact that eye health looks different for women. Why? There are several medical conditions which can affect women disproportionately, and can result in eye disease, including a range of thyroid disorders, gestational diabetes and more, that can have an effect on eye health. Hormonal […]

World Sight Day: 75% of vision loss is preventable and treatable

75% of vision loss is preventable and treatable, but half of Canadians don’t know it  To mark World Sight Day, the Canadian Council of the Blind and Specsavers published a national survey¹ (Survey), conducted by Leger, to unveil insights and behaviours that put vision at risk.    According to the Survey, half of Canadians don’t know that […]

Meet the Optometry Steering Groups

Shaping the future of eyecare It’s important to us that we draw upon the clinical expertise and experience of our network of independent optometrists to develop the clinical strategies we use to best care for patients. To do this we have Optometry Steering Groups in each province that are made up of a clinically-diverse mix […]

Myopia: How Specsavers independent optometrists are working together

The World Health Organization declared myopia a global public health concern, with approximately half of the global population predicted to have myopia by the year 20501. Untreated myopia can lead to serious vision conditions later in life such as myopic macularopathy, retinal detachments, cataracts and glaucoma. Given that myopia progresses mainly during childhood, there is […]

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