A different kind of optical company – Lorenzo Martinell

Specsavers has always been about two things coming together to do more good than they could on their own, not unlike a pair of glasses. From its founding by two optometrists 40 years ago, Specsavers has always grown stronger through the support of partnership, which is why eyecare professionals who’ve experienced Specsavers within their career journey are excited to see that the company has made its way to Canada.

Women’s Equality Day: Naomi Barber’s Outlook on Women in the Optometric Industry

Women make up more than 50% of the optometry workforce in many countries. This is a growing trend and we’ve seen a complete turnaround from a male dominated industry only 20-30 years ago. As this continues, this adds a real richness to the way we think about optometrists as professionals, how we contribute to our communities, and how we integrate with other health professionals and is driving a positive cycle of equality in the profession.

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