A different kind of optical company – Lorenzo Martinell

Specsavers has always been about two things coming together to do more good than they could on their own, not unlike a pair of glasses. From its founding by two optometrists 40 years ago, Specsavers has always grown stronger through the support of partnership, which is why eyecare professionals who’ve experienced Specsavers within their career journey are excited to see that the company has made its way to Canada.

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Our dedication to clinical excellence and equipping our optometrists with the latest technology has resulted in world-beating detection and referral rates for glaucoma and diabetic eye disease. We move at pace and embrace eyecare professionals who share our can-do attitude and passion for customer service excellence. We have innovated as a retailer to connect with local communities – with a typical brand recognition rate of over 90% in each of our markets.

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