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As the largest optometrist-led organization, we believe everyone should benefit from the very best vision to improve their quality of life. Join us as an optometry partner to build and grow your own independent clinic with the support of our team of experts. With your ambition and talent, and our brilliant business support there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Every clinic and optical store is locally owned and led by an optometry and retail partner. Partnership is our passion and our aim is to help you and your business realize your full potential.

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It all began nearly 40 years ago with the vision of two optometrists, Doug and Mary Perkins, who set out to make a difference to people’s lives by providing best value eyecare.

And their passion for optometry continues to shape the lives and experience today of the 3,500 optometrists who are developing their careers with us. Like Doug and Mary, they are passionate about caring for the health of their patients’ eyes, about making decisions that will transform the quality of their lives.

Join them and you can make a difference too.

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The optometry partnership model

Starting your own clinic is an incredible opportunity to take control of your own future. With Specsavers, the ultimate dividend comes in the form of getting time back to focus on patient care, enabling a work-life balance, and uninterrupted family time when away from the clinic.

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Alongside advanced diagnostic technology and data-led professional development, we are in the midst of a serious evolution of optometry – one that is seeing us transform eye health. Specsavers partners work alongside several, significant health industry leaders in order to ensure our optometry workforce continues to be at the forefront of eyecare.

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