Myopia: How Specsavers independent optometrists are working together

The World Health Organization declared myopia a global public health concern, with approximately half of the global population predicted to have myopia by the year 20501. Untreated myopia can lead to serious vision conditions later in life such as myopic macularopathy, retinal detachments, cataracts and glaucoma. Given that myopia progresses mainly during childhood, there is […]

From clinic receptionist to optometry partner – Dr. Stephanie Kwan’s journey to clinic ownership

  Dr. Stephanie Kwan’s path into optometry all started when she had a part-time job on reception in a local optometry clinic. Coincidently, her great-aunt and great-uncle were regular patients and she thought, ‘how great would it be to be the one examining their eyes?’ Not long after, Dr. Kwan took the steps to pursue […]

I left clinic each day feeling more fulfilled and content than I have ever felt

  For Dr. Ellen Sun, the path to optometry wasn’t always clear. After a few placements in research and analytic labs during university, she felt discouraged about her future career as nothing had really ignited a passion for a particular profession. It wasn’t until she attended a healthcare networking event, where she met an optometrist, […]

Specsavers supports clinic owners with implementation of myopia management

“As a practising optometrist, I see what an impact myopia has to my patients’ lives, not just as a refractive error, but more so as a sight-threatening condition that can ultimately impact quality of life.” Dr. Nieka Sabeti, OD, independent consultant of the clinical support team at Specsavers Canada, discusses how myopia management care was […]

Retail Partner Kirsty Shaw reflects on how she grew her career, from the UK to Canada, with Specsavers

Kirsty Shaw’s career to date is a great example of just how far you can go with Specsavers. Here, Kirsty talks about her career progression, starting at just 18 in the UK, to the incredible place she is now as a retail partner and business owner at Specsavers CF Masonville Place after relocating to London, Ontario.

Making OCT a standard part of the eye exam

Specsavers was founded with the purpose of changing lives through better sight. Started by optometrists, for optometrists, clinical excellence and technology have always been an essential part in working towards this goal. So, when an optometrist chooses to start their own clinic within a Specsavers location, we want to make sure they have the resources […]

My hardest day at Specsavers is still better than my best day anywhere else I have worked

Rachel Perez, retail partner at Specsavers CF Lime Ridge, discovered her passion for opticianry through a friend’s enthusiasm of her career in the industry. After that, she decided to pursue it wholeheartedly and took the steps to become an optician. Here, Rachel reflects on her time so far as a business owner with Specsavers. Q: […]

Dr Ellen Sun shares her ‘wow’ moment with including OCT with her eye exams

For optometrists, one of the most rewarding parts of the profession is being able to make a difference to people’s lives. Whether that’s helping them to see clearly, with glasses or contact lenses, to even saving their life. Dr. Ellen Sun, optometry partner at Specsavers CF Masonville Place, shares one such experience during her very […]

Our day with fashion designer, Alex Perry

The life of a Specsavers optician and Retail Partner Opticians at Specsavers have a whole host of responsibilities every day, but on Thursday, June 22, three opticians and Retail Partners in Ontario, Shaesta Musani, Rachel Perez and Edline Joy Soriano, went a little outside of the everyday when they attended the Alex Perry event, hosted […]

Dr. Maegan Folk on being the owner of a successful, growing clinic within Specsavers Orchard Park

Dr. Maegan Folk, optometry partner at Specsavers Orchard Park (Kelowna, BC), graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University in 2014 and spent her early career working in a rural community. Here, she reflects on her journey becoming a business partner and opening her own clinic. Q: How do you feel your role […]

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