Families from the Pacific Immigrant Resources Society received eye exams and eyewear at no cost as part of a partnership with Dr. Bosung Kim, Specsavers, and The Eyeglasses Project

Members of the eyecare community came together on May 7 to support newcomers to Canada who needed access to eye care. Dr. Bosung Kim, along with volunteer optometrists, opticians, eyewear consultants and volunteers from the Pacific Immigrant Resources Society (PIRS) supported 50 patients with their eyecare needs. Dr. Kim donated his clinic space at Specsavers Hastings-Sunrise and provided eye exams. Specsavers donated all eyewear complete with lenses for patients who required them.

How Maja Chauncey is creating an environment for opticians to grow at Specsavers Sherwood Park

With over 15 years of experience as an optician, Maja Chauncey has gained the knowledge and skills to allow her to excel in her field. As someone who received valuable support early in her career, she believes that sharing her experience with others is an important way to give back to the industry and ensure […]

Helping to make an impact on all things vision

Meet Dr. Bosung Kim, O.D., Optometry Partner at Specsavers Hastings-Sunrise. For. Dr Kim, community involvement has always been more than just a one-time commitment, it’s been a big part of his life. That’s why it was important for him to find a career that allowed him to merge his passion for community involvement with his attraction to the healthcare industry. ​

A brand aligned with my values as an optometrist

Having grown up with a grandparent with a severe visual impairment, Dr. Clark Tardiff had an interest in the world of optometry from an early age. Carrying out his studies in Nova Scotia and Wales, he began his career working for Specsavers in England, before heading home to Canada to practice in Alberta.

World glaucoma week: 71% of Canadians expect an early warning symptom from glaucoma, putting eye health at serious risk

Commonly referred to as the “silent thief of sight”, glaucoma is asymptomatic in most cases and by the time the condition is noticed, the vision loss is irreversible. Despite being relatively asymptomatic as it progresses, a recent Specsavers survey, conducted by Leger, shows the majority of Canadians (71%) expect at least one early warning symptom […]

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