“I soon felt at ease here”

14/06 2022 - Stores

“I soon felt at ease here”

Florindo Tiekstra didn’t know anything about the optical industry, but he decided to apply for a job at Specsavers 11 years ago and has never regretted it. Not only did he like the company, but also the opportunities it presented. “I wanted to continue working for Specsavers, but I was eager to learn more once I was familiar with all the aspects of optics.” For that reason, he switched optics for hearing care. Because of the technical and clinical elements of being a hearing expert, he decided to switch but helping people remain his priority: “Bringing joy is what I like most about my job. I’m working in retail, but I’m actually delivering healthcare.”

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Looking for solutions

Hearing care appealed to Florindo because of its diversity and he wanted that delivering healthcare and maintaining customer contact to remain parts of his job, as was the case when he was part of the optical team. Now, he’s an assistant-hearing expert at Specsavers Haarlem and Haarlem Schalkwijk. He’s the first store employee a customer interacts with and supports the hearing expert with hearing tests and administrative work. “First, I help a customer formulate his wishes and what things to take into account. What solution is the best fit differs in every situation. I love looking for solutions and alternatives. But most important is letting our customers tell their story: I want them to feel heard.”

A day as an assistant-hearing expert

His working days are filled to the brim with hearing tests, check-ups, phone calls with customers and service meetings (for example to make adaptions to a hearing aid). But, he always makes sure there’s enough time for every customer. “I have the freedom to interact and bond with my customers which is very important, because buying a hearing aid can be quite a challenging step mentally. That’s why we try to eliminate barriers and be as approachable as possible. I tend to send customers home with the hearing test results and some explanation, so they understand what’s going on and why a hearing aid would be beneficial for them. Once they start wearing it, they often feel a lot less isolated socially. All of a sudden, they can engage in conversation again and experience more quality of life. It’s amazing to be able to give people this every day!”

Plenty of opportunities

Personal engagement is a priority with customers, but also among employees. Even though Specsavers is a big company, Florindo immediately noticed there’s a family vibe and you have many people to count on: “You can ask anyone for help here. I soon felt at ease, because Specsavers treats you as a person and not a number. Every employee has its value and can contribute to the common goals. There are many opportunities to grow: you can take any course you like.” He’d like to become a hearing expert one day. “I’m part of a close team of about 14 colleagues. We know each other very well and have a lot of fun together. With the hearing expert, I form a duo. It would be great to develop into a hearing expert myself one day. And from that point, who knows what will happen? There are plenty of opportunities here!”

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