Job titles explained: Head of Lenses for Northern Europe

27/01 2020 - Support office

Job titles explained: Head of Lenses for Northern Europe

Sometimes, it can be tricky to understand what a job involves. Jacob From is Head of Lenses for our Northern Europe region. We hear from Jacob about how his career path led him to Specsavers, what he’s working on and what’s in store in the future.

1. What did your professional journey look like? How did you arrive where you are today?

I started my professional journey as an optometrist and store manager in a big retail chain. After ten years, I switched to the supplier part of the business and started as a Sales Rep and Key Account Manager for a big international lens company. I quickly got responsible for the Marketing and Product department, where I built the Nordic marketing and product team. After 14 years in the organisation, with the last ten as Nordic Marketing and Product Director, I joined Specsavers as the new Head of Lenses for the northern-European region.

I believe this is the perfect background to help Specsavers develop our lens categories to grow the business and provide the best products to our customers. With my detailed knowledge from all the different parts of the company, I can understand the customers, stores and optometrist needs, and provide the right information, product understanding and customer benefits. Ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses are complex products. They need to be explained carefully to our customers so they can understand the different benefits and make the right decision and choice for their needs and lifestyle.

2. What do you think is specific about Specsavers as a workplace?

Everyone is genuinely dedicated to Specsavers’ vision and searching to find the best solutions to help all of our customers to get access to affordable eye care. It is, by far, the most positive place I have ever worked.

3. What’s the most exciting thing you have delivered so far?

Being responsible for the biggest ophthalmic lens launch for Specsavers in ten years. The project provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn how the business works, and it has been a pleasure to see everyone get so excited about the new lenses. Our store teams worked hard to introduce the new lenses in a way that resonates with customers who have welcomed the latest addition to our offer.

4. What’s the most fun thing about working at Specsavers?

The professional engagement with everyone is truly unique and combined with the positive-can-do-attitude, most meetings are fun and engaging.

On the personal side, it’s all the different activities and social events, that are arranged continuously by colleagues — everything from an evening at a restaurant, to Ugly Christmas Jumper Day. There is a huge commitment from everyone and genuine joy and interest in having fun with your colleagues.

5. What’s your ambition for the future?

To help Specsavers to be the preferred choice with customers. So that customers know they will get the best optical products at the best price. This task that really demands all of my current expertise: from an optometrist understanding of the customer need to my product knowledge and ability from marketing to explain the product benefits to customers. So they’ll truly understand the different products and will be able to make the right choice for their individual lifestyle.

6. How would you describe Specsavers as an employer?

It is nice to start at a company where the employees are cared for. I think Specsavers is the company that has managed this the best out of all the different companies I have worked with!

7. Looking back, what has surprised you the most about Specsavers?

The genuine desire and drive from all my colleagues to deliver the best solution for our customers. And ultimately, be the best in the market.


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