“Specsavers offers so many development opportunities”

30/03 2022 - Stores

“Specsavers offers so many development opportunities”

Wictor Hahn completed his optician studies in Stockholm, Sweden, 1.5 years ago. Now, he works at Specsavers in Eskilstuna, a city within an hour’s drive from Stockholm. “The move with my partner from Stockholm to Eskilstuna opened new doors in my working life and Specsavers appealed to me with its many different development opportunities.”

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“I’m a relatively newly graduated optician and I’m currently trying to figure out what direction I would like to take in the field of optics. Maybe I want to study Diagnostic Optometry, where you focus more on the clinical part. But there’s also the opportunity to concentrate more on the commercial part and become an optical partner – when the new addition to my family, little Melker of six months, has become a little older. I think it would be really interesting to become a partner one day and run my own store. You have all these choices within Specsavers and that is what’s so great about the company.”

“I work 100% as an optician and that’s exactly what I want to do”

“That’s what I’m trained for,” says Wictor. “In previous workplaces, I helped out at the check-out and in the store, but here everyone has their roles and I get to work with what I want to develop within. I have managed to enter the profession quickly and have learned the new equipment and systems. I like the pace and that the agenda is always full. There’s been a lot of bookings after the pandemic, so I haven’t really had any free space in my agenda since I started. A working day for me has meant going through the customer bookings in the morning and then doing examinations throughout the whole day – both contact lenses and glasses. So, the focus has been entirely on eye examinations.”

“The more eyes you see, the better you will become as an optician”

“I’ve really had the opportunity to enter the optician profession and have performed many eye examinations. I think that the more eyes you see, the better you will become as an optician. I feel that I’m constantly evolving and encountering new cases. If you have a full agenda, the chances are of course greater that you’ll also learn a lot of new things. I did my internship at Specsavers in Eskilstuna, so I felt at home with the team and systems already. It was also great that the examination equipment was more modern than what I was used to. At Specsavers, we take fundus photos of each customer and we didn’t do that at my previous workplace.”

“I really get to use the knowledge from my optical studies”

“It obviously feels good when I can use my knowledge to really help someone. Today, a younger customer came back to me. He had problems reading and was feeling tired at school. I sent him on to an orthoptist and he had received new prism glasses. He was very pleased and felt really happy that there wasn’t something ‘wrong’ with him, but instead, it was his sight that could be improved. It had made it easier for him to function in school and in his everyday life. I read about these cases during my studies and now I got the opportunity to help a person with just that in real life. It feels so good that I can apply all the knowledge I have gained during my optical studies.”

“Take advantage of the events”

“Above all, I would like to encourage optician students to take advantage of the events that are held at the university,” says Wictor. Twice a semester, various representatives from the optical industry visit the school and introduce their companies. You eat something together and talk to those who actually work there. I think you should do this as a student to know which workplace you can end up in. It’s a really good idea to get to know the people who work there and the culture they want to emphasise.”

“It has been an easy start”

“In the Specsavers store in Eskilstuna, there are four opticians, three of them are working full-time and one part-time. It’s good that we have several opticians because you can get a lot of support. I also think that my colleagues are a little curious about my knowledge. I’m pretty fresh and they have been working for a while. It feels like you are a positive injection to the team. I’ve been very well taken care of and everything has run smoothly, both with my new colleagues and all tasks.”

“There are dedicated and knowledgeable colleagues who take care of the customers when they enter the store and who help them after the eye examination. All processes in the customer flow work very well. From the moment the customers enter the store until they have placed an order for a pair of glasses. For us opticians, it really works smoothly as well, the systems and processes are easy and straightforward.”

Wictor with his son Melker in search of chanterelles.

What inspires you?

“Lately, it has been my partner – she has been amazing now that we’ve got a little boy. The last six months have been in full swing, with a move from 50 square meters in Bromma to a large house in Eskilstuna. And we also had a child in between. Her drive – and that we have done all this together – impresses me a lot.”

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