Prit Bhondi stumbled into Specsavers - and stayed

14/02 2022 - Support office

Prit Bhondi stumbled into Specsavers - and stayed

Coincidentally, Prit Bhondi got a part-time job at Specsavers. Now, after eight years she’s at least as enthusiastic as when she started. “Here I really get to use my education,” says Prit, who now works as a talent manager in the learning and development team, at the Specsavers support office in Norway.

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Prit is 28 years old, but has already achieved a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy, and a master’s in working life pedagogy, both from the University of Oslo. Besides, she’s been working for Specsavers for eight years. She’s benefited from her education in her job as a talent manager, in which talent development and training of employees is a major task. “At Specsavers, we have a strong culture for investing in the people who work here, and we spend much time and effort on training and developing all colleagues. That's what I like best about working here,” says Prit, who also experiences how she’s developing positively because of her varied working day and by constantly getting new opportunities in the team she works in.

Cinema night led to work

One night in 2012, Prit met a friend who she hadn’t seen in a long time. They went to the cinema together, and during the evening, Prit told her friend that she was looking for a part-time job. Her friend worked at Specsavers in the Stovner shopping centre in Oslo, and as if it was faith, she knew about a part-time job that’d suit Prit perfectly. So Prit applied, got the job – and here she is today, working full-time in talent development and enjoying it to the max.

Jubilee and dance of joy

It’s late September 2021, and Norway has just reopened again when Prit shows up for this interview. “This has been a wonderful week; we can finally go to work again!” Prit says with a big smile. “We had a social gathering here in the office; we had dinner together after we had fun at an escape room in Oslo.”

Prit lives alone and found it challenging to work from home for such a long time, but all the more gratifying when the corona measures were repealed. “Luckily, I’ve been able to dance most of the time. I love to dance,” says Prit, who dances five days a week to dancehall and afro music at a studio in Oslo, not far from where she lives at Alexander Kiellands Plass. The strict measures, not least the travel restrictions, placed a substantial limitation on Prit’s everyday life as a talent manager in a nationwide chain with over 80 stores. Usually, store visits are part of the job, and she looks forward to continuing with it, now that life is returning to normal.

Variety and people

When we ask Prit what’s the most fun thing about working for Specsavers, she has to think about it – because there’s so much she wants to mention. “No two days are the same,” she begins, and continues that great variety in tasks is something she likes best in her job. The combination of office and travel is perfect for her, and she thrives best when she gets to meet people, follow them over time and experience that they develop and make a career in the organisation. “A person I had an introductory programme with became a partner only three years later. That inspires! Otherwise, it’s fun and I learn a lot from being involved in various types of projects, such as when we open new stores.”

“The people who work here are what differentiates Specsavers from the other optician chains,” Prit firmly believes. She says that she was actually a little surprised at how fundamental the human focus is throughout the chain. “There’s room for diversity and people get to be themselves. The learning and development programme strengthens each individual and helps us build the incredibly strong team spirit we have. ‘Together we are the best’ is a saying we use to get everyone to pull in the same direction and create the best workplace in our industry.”

Freedom to choose

Prit is also happy to work in an organisation with a high degree of trust in its people. She can influence her own work, as the job description is quite open. She feels there’s room to emphasise the tasks that she finds most rewarding or interesting for her. At the same time, she’s fully aware of the responsibility that comes with freedom. “I have to be self-propelled. And I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to be noticed and take a stand. This is actually part of the strength of Specsavers – we are many strong individuals who dare to be ourselves and take the initiative, but within the framework of the company.”

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