Join our yearly Clinical Conference

Since 2013, our yearly Clinical Conference has brought together eye care professionals from all parts of the industry to peer into the future of eye care.

We host this event every year because we believe that continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and improved collective skills are key to raising the level of the optical profession – leading us from eyewear to eye care. And now, eight years later, it’s still the largest event in Northern Europe for all eye care professionals.

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Who can sign up?
Sign up is always free and open to all – also for people outside Specsavers. So, if you’re an optician, optometrist, optics/optometry student, researcher, ophthalmologist, or simply someone who wants to learn, develop, and network with peers from the industry, you’re welcome to join our conference.

Additional hearing care programme in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, we also invite audiologists and audiology students. Just like our journey towards better eye care, we can only take steps in offering the best hearing care for everyone if we work together with hearing care professionals, hearing aid manufacturers and other healthcare providers.

Find out what’s on the programme
For more information about the dates, topics, and speakers for this year’s programme, go ahead and visit the Clinical Conference event page.

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