From eye care to we care


Dive into our optometry opportunities

Maybe you’ve chosen to become an optician because you love working with people. Maybe you just really like measuring eyes. Whatever it is, you'll enjoy helping many customers see well, together with a team of experts that allow you to focus on your job.

Cutting edge

We pioneer eye care with state of the art equipment and processes.


Our opticians focus on their work. No retail experience necessary.


Whether you want to travel, to learn, or to own your own business, we’ll support you.

Develop your own way

Everyone is different. Whatever is important we'll help you flourish.

Never stop learning

All eyes on you

Everyone at Specsavers is encouraged to keep growing. Whether that’s by following a course at our Academy, doing an internship at another store, shadowing a colleague on their job or volunteering for a good cause – there's always room to grow.

Carve your own path

Career paths are as different as people. And the next step on the proverbial ladder doesn't have to go upwards. Many of us thrive as we get better and better at what we already do. Whatever your path, we'll support you along the way.

Learn at your own pace

We offer plenty of ways for you to invest in your personal development. On top of regular classroom training, some subjects are also offered as e-learning courses, virtual classroom sessions, webinars or clinical articles.

Stay on top of change

Using our online learning platform, we motivate store teams to focus on a new subject every month with useful tools. From learning about a new designer brand, to new store processes, to how to handle new privacy legislation.

We will make you the best you can be

Living is giving. That’s why volunteers from our Nordic stores have travelled to Tanzania since 2010 to run eye tests and hand out more than 20,000 pairs of recycled glasses in remote areas.

Be the best you can be.
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