Optometrist Chantelle Van Staden on gaining CORU registration to practice in Ireland

Chantelle Van Staden is originally from South Africa and currently works as an optometrist at Specsavers Swords in Dublin. We caught up with her to hear about what it was like to go through the CORU recognition process to practice in Ireland, and her journey to Specsavers Partnership. There’s no such thing as too much […]

Kejal Shah on why Domiciliary Optometry was a real eye opener for her

Kejal Shah is an Ophthalmic Domiciliary Director, her region covers Surrey and Kent. She spoke to us about the main reason she chose Specsavers Home Visits, the people she meets and the skills she has learnt through Domiciliary. Hi Kejal, thanks for talking to us, first of all, what’s your journey with Specsavers been like […]

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