Audiology business ownership – why Specsavers?

With growing demand for Audiology services across the UK and a recent influx of NHS patients migrating to private suppliers like us, there’s never been a better time to take up the reins and own a Specsavers Audiology business.

At Specsavers, the patient always comes first. Our business ownership model allows Partners to use their expertise and experience to give the gift of hearing back to people who need it most, all whilst growing a business and building an asset for their (and their family’s) future.

First and foremost, at Specsavers every clinician can remain dedicated to changing the lives of their patients – but on top of this, as a business owner, they can change the lives of their own team too. Atthe pinnacle of their Audiology career they’re in a position to support the future of the profession and have a real feeling of pride every morning when they walk into their own business.

This feeling of pride is evident when talking to real Audiologist Partners up and down the country.

Samira from our Hanley store, for example, was convinced by her brother, who already worked at Specsavers, to join the business after she graduated with her degree in Audiology.

Samira says, ‘It didn’t take long for him to convince me. I was inspired to join Specsavers because of the various opportunities for career growth and development combined with the emphasis on patient care.

It’s all about honesty, integrity and accountability here.’

For some, joining Specsavers is about the fantastic range of career options available and for others, it’s all about having the scope to learn more.

Rita from our Reading store, for example, was keen to learn more about advancements in audiology treatments as she has personal experience living with hearing loss. As she explains:

‘Having hearing loss myself, I was keen to learn more about the treatments currently available, so I applied for a hearcare course through Specsavers.

I joined Specsavers in December 2006, where I completed a Hearing Aid Dispensing course and qualified in February 2008. There was an opportunity at that time to become a Partner in the Reading store and, having heard the ethos of the company, I was keen to join the business.’

The reputation Specsavers has as a company that provides endless support to its employees, as well as promoting an ethos of teamwork and progression, is what drives many clinicians to own their own a business with us.

Ken from our Birkenhead store, for example, has seen the positive impact of the collaborative spirit Specsavers promote first-hand:

‘Our team benefits from the wealth of expertise of our senior and more experienced Audiologists, as well as the energy and drive of our newly-qualified staff, trainees and support team. We all support each other and we like to have fun doing so.’

A sense of fun and collaboration when it comes to supporting one another is something Helena from our Harrogate store can account for:

‘We have an amazing, energetic team here in Harrogate. We work and play as a team and organise plenty of team building trips out of store.’

It was with the backing of a strong team behind her that Helena decided to take the plunge and enquire about becoming a Partner:

‘After six months of qualifying as a Hearing Aid Dispenser and managing the business, I spoke to the existing partners about going onto Pathway to further my knowledge and understanding of the business.

On Pathway I decided to do my project on Optical Dispensers, as I strongly believe in one fully-integrated business between Hearcare and Optics. For the project, I won an award at my graduation but, more importantly, I believe it helped strengthen my relationships in store.

I bought into the Audiology business in Harrogate just under two years ago and I haven’t looked back since.’

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