Audiology Spotlight: Hanley

Before we start talking about your practice, can you tell us a bit about your journey
to becoming an Audiology Partner at Specsavers?
Samira: After graduating from university with my Audiology degree, I joined a private company and began my career. My brother graduated at the same time as me and had already joined Specsavers. It didn’t take long for him to convince me of the opportunities at Specsavers and I joined roughly 18 months after him, in the role of Partner in Development.

Reza: I always believed in assess and fit appointments and I found this vision was shared
at Specsavers. I joined the business as an Audiologist after my degree. Then an opportunity
arose for Partnership and I was privileged enough to be approached.

How would you describe the team in your Audiology business?
Samira: A supportive, friendly team that are willing to help and encourage each other.

Reza: A single cohesive unit where everybody knows that no one can do it alone!

How have you supported the career development of Audiologists in your business?
We’ve always been clear about the various opportunities, including the clinical leadership role, student lead and partnership opportunities.

How is your store driving forward Audiology in your local community?
Samira: We recently held an incredibly successful open day for one of our clinics. We have future plans for further events that help drive awareness of hearing loss and shine a light on the services we provide. 

Reza: We’re always providing the most up-to-date service possible, including the best equipment for clinicians and regional support services for all patients.

How would you describe the patient base of your business?
A mix of NHS and private, as we are the main NHS provider in the region.

What clinical and technological advances has your business introduced?
Innovative wireless equipment including everything from ConnexxAir to iCube II have been introduced by the business, with a focus on accessories and the enormous assistance they provide in helping patients in combination with their hearing aids.

Describe the culture of your Specsavers business in three words:
Honesty, integrity & accountability

What advice would you give an Audiologist looking to join Specsavers?
Samira: What inspired me to join Specsavers was the various opportunities for career growth and development combined with the emphasis on patient care. If you’re ambitious, keen to join a fast-paced team and passionate about Audiology…it’s a

Reza: Specsavers Audiology is the future for so much that is great in the profession.

Finally, what does your business have planned for the future?
A successful company where we are always at the forefront of the profession and the services we provide.

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