Empowered Together: supporting and creating an equal environment for women in Specsavers

As the women’s equality party says: equality for women isn’t just a women’s issue – when women fulfil their potential, everyone benefits. Equality means a more vibrant economy, a workforce that draws on the talents of the whole population and a society at ease with itself.  

Here at Specsavers, we want everyone to feel comfortable in bringing their full self to work – regardless of race, sexuality or gender.  

And so, Empowered Together has been created. Empowered Together is our newest colleague network and is here to celebrate women’s achievements, rally for women’s equality in and out of work, instil confidence in women and ensure they have a voice in the business, and that they are listened to.  

While Empowered Together is new, there are already some clear aims and purpose to the network:  

  • Supporting all colleagues – whether female, male or non-binary: providing support and encouragement; creating an area where all colleagues can discuss any matters relating to women at Specsavers; and allow colleagues to raise questions in a safe environment 
  • Helping to celebrate women’s achievements: celebrating International Women’s Day, World Menopause Day with MenoTalk and Ada Lovelace Day…and more
  • Raising awareness of and educating about women’s issues and topics: challenging discrimination and stereotypes; being a point of contact for all issues relating to women; and supporting women’s charities 
  • Encouraging girls and young women to pursue their passion and get more women into STEM subjects: supporting the ongoing work of partnering with local schools, colleges and universities who have a strong STEM presence and departments; and working toward a Specsavers presence at careers fairs and implementing talks at schools. 
  • Championing and celebrating the amazing achievements and careers of the women we have working at Specsavers – helping to share their stories to inspire others. 

The network is still in its early stages but watch this space as we will be sharing some more information soon.  

We are well on our journey to making everyone feel like they belong at Specsavers, do you want to be part of this? Check out our latest opportunities here. 

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