Finding Passion and Purpose in Audiology

Switching careers can be a whirlwind. For Brian, it was a step into a world where his work transformed lives. From business owner to award-winning audiologist, it’s been an interesting journey.

Bioenergy to Better Hearing

Audiology was not a career he’d initially considered. Before joining Specsavers, he was running his own bio-energy business for 14 years. When it was time for a change, his father nudged him towards audiology. That encouragement led him to join the Specsavers family.

He started his training as a hearing care assistant (HCA) in-store. “What I loved, was at the end of my studies, I’d have a degree which was a big plus for me”, he says. With the support of his colleagues, combined with his interest in the subject, Brian excelled in his studies. “I found audiology very interesting and soon I stopped seeing it as a job and more of a passion which has always made it easy going to work.”

Recognition for Clinical Excellence

Brian’s been with Specsavers for six years and was recently honoured with a Doug Perkins award for clinical excellence. He was nominated by his colleagues for dedication to his customers, in particular going the extra mile for a patient battling hearing loss for years following surgery.

“The patient had gone to a few different hearing clinics and thought that they were only concerned about the hard sell and not in their best interests. I went over their hearing results and offered them my recommendation which the patient was happy to proceed with. After fitting the patient with the hearing aids, we took a stroll through the shopping centre. They were amazed we could hold a conversation when I was on their left side without them needing to turn to look at me.”

While Brian was delighted to win the award, it was never about the accolades. “Receiving the award has great meaning for me because it reaffirms the importance of the positive impact we have on people’s lives. It gives me a feeling of purpose and immense job satisfaction, driving me to always develop my abilities and strive for continuous improvement.”

Brian’s journey with Specsavers is a testament to finding purpose in unexpected places.


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