From digital product management to Head of Data Products, meet Adam Tarry

Meet Adam who moved into the Specsavers Global Data team in January. With a background in digital product management and user experience, data is an exciting new challenge for him.

What are your initial observations since joining the Global Data team? 
Specsavers have already done some excellent (and award winning) work on creating value from the huge amount of data available to us. Our next chapter involves building robust foundations in process, technology, and organisational structure – so that we can effectively embed data as a fundamental part of every decision point in our company (both now and in the future).

We are seeing a lot of growth in your teams, where is this need coming from and what skills do you see as the most in-demand to help fuel your plans?
We need to decide as an organisation how we can leverage our data in the most efficient manner possible. To do this effectively we need a global and regional structure that ensures everyone is rowing in the same direction. Our focus is on finding the right people to support this journey. We are currently on the look out for modellers, engineers, business analysts and product owners to join exciting roles in the UK, Canada, Australia and Northern Europe.

What are the most exciting uses of data across the organisation?
The recent introduction of our Clinical Outcomes Report has revolutionised how Specsavers stores are able to monitor their performance. The data team were humbled by the incredibly positive reception this asset received at our most recent company-wide seminar.

Do we have any data roles that are unique to Specsavers?
I don’t think so – but we look for unique thinkers to fill our data roles. We’re early in our transformation journey and encourage everyone to have a voice in how we can progress. Thinking outside the box is a prerequisite.

Why should someone leave their current role to join the Specsavers data team?
We are a family run organisation, and this permeates every aspect of our culture. Specsavers employees can expect to be treated with respect, offered autonomy and to see their leaders making decisions that tie in closely with our purpose “To change lives through better sight and hearing” (not serving the profits of a group of shareholders). This culture is so important that our founders recently put in steps to prevent the company from ever changing to a shareholder led model.

What skills / background is required for the available roles?
We are looking for innovative and holistic thinkers with a good understanding of the tangible outputs of their work regardless of what role they are engaged to do.

Tell us about one insight that’s coming this year that makes you feel excited:
The continuing development of our Common Data Model to include more entities and attributes will lay the firmest possible foundations for the growth of our data function in years to come. I cannot wait to see where we get to by the end of this financial year!

What challenges can someone expect in this team?
The company is moving quickly, and finding the right balance between best-practice and what our data community users need to inform their roles is always a challenge – but a fulfilling one stacked with enlightening conversations and discovery.

What motivates you most to come to work?
Quite simply – the people I have the pleasure of interacting with each day.

What do you love about your role at Specsavers?
No approach that leads to the right outcome will ever be suppressed or overturned at Specsavers. We are encouraged to innovate in everything we do.

What skills and experience do you rely on most in your role?
My background in product management is already paying dividends as we seek to standardise our ways of working and take the best parts of agile methodology to further our cause. It’s a super-exciting time to be working with the teams to see how we can smooth their progress to success with the right tools and processes.

What benefits and opportunities do you appreciate most at Specsavers?
If you demonstrate value delivery in everything you do, and keep effective collaboration front of mind, Specsavers is a wonderfully flexible place to work.

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