Gender-neutral title and two more genders for Specsavers customers and colleagues

At Specsavers, we believe everybody is somebody and everyone should be able to bring their whole selves to work every day.

That’s why the Prism network is here, to ensure LGBTQIA+ colleagues across the business have a voice and that they’re heard. Over the past few months, the network has received feedback from across the country, asking us to introduce non-gendered titles within the business and we have listened.    

Inclusivity is essential for our colleague’s wellbeing and sense of belonging, so over the coming months, we’re introducing two more genders and a gender-neutral title to our systems.  

We also want to ensure we reflect these values for our customers too, so we’ve been working on this across all business areas. As part of Specsavers’ brand mission of inclusivity, we’re delighted to report that the gender-neutral title Mx (pronounced mix) will be included in our patient management system, along with two more gender options: neutral and not specified. This is due to launch at the end of October 2021.  

When we refer to gender, we typically think of male and female. However, for some people, their identity isn’t as definitive and can’t be put into a specific category. These people are gender neutral.  

These additions to our systems offer more inclusivity by giving colleagues and customers who don’t identify as being either male or female, or don’t want to be identified by gender, an alternative.  

We want to make sure our gender-neutral customers and colleagues get the same level of care, respect and understanding each of us would expect.  So, all our teams learn about diversity and inclusion so they’re aware of what it means to identify as gender neutral and can talk confidently and sensitively when approaching the conversation. 

We’re still at the beginning of our DE&I journey, but this is a real step in the right direction for us. Watch this space to see what else is on the way!  

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