Harneet Kaur Dhesi: Career journey to Frames and Merchandising Assistant

Frames and Merchandising Assistant at SpecsaversWe spoke to Harneet who started her career journey in store at 16 and has progressed through her Retailer Apprenticeship (and gaining a distinction in the process!) to her permanent role within the Product Team. Read on to find out all about her Apprenticeship journey.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship at Specsavers?

I trust Specsavers as a place to work, as it was my first job at 16 (in store)! I wanted to do an Apprenticeship at Specsavers because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and learn a completely new way of working, the apprenticeship prepared me for the role and the environment I work in.

What has been your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement in this role would be supporting with the launch of our own label dry eye drop range- Specsavers Dry Eye Drops. Another achievement would be the re-merchandising of the Home Visits frame case, which now looks more appealing for our customers. I carried out research to re-align the merchandising of the frames in the cases, to sit in line with our store strategy. Feedback from our Home Visits Partners and customers has been extremely positive, with customers finding it much easier to find a style they love. That, and receiving a distinction in my apprenticeship.

Tells us a bit about your apprenticeship…

My apprenticeship was a Retailer apprenticeship. It was a course that was based in store, so once a week I attended a store day in Loughborough Specsavers where I was able to apply my retail learnings and put them into practice. This included understanding brand standards, our corporate responsibility, instore merchandising and various other modules. Working in the Product Team, this was perfect, as I was able to implement the trials, frame launches and merchandising principles in store, and really understand the impact that we make in store, and how this is reflected.

How are you supported in your work/life/study balance?

My manager supported my work/life/study balance encouraging me to take courses on productivity and time management. My manager also supported me in the management of my workload so that I could set aside time for my workbooks and revision. The balance still helps me now, when learning other parts of my role.

What do you love about working at Specsavers?

My team. I love working in the Product Team. On my first day I received a welcome card that said welcome to the best team, this definitely rings true! The team are welcoming, helpful and inclusive. I also love that the Product Team covers all categories. I work across multiple categories, and the support from the team is great.

What apprenticeship did you choose and what made you choose it?

I chose to do a Retailer apprenticeship, this felt like the best apprenticeship for me, with my position in the Product Team. I was able to implement the frame launches and merchandising initiatives that I supported on in the Product Team, in store. I also felt that being in store and in the office would allow me the opportunity to impact further launches and initiatives, with how they landed in store.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to do an apprenticeship with Specsavers?

Absolutely do it! The achievement will better prepare you for your role and will support your personal development. You never stop learning.

What does your average day look like? How did the apprenticeship prepare you for your current role?

I currently work with the Senior Category Manager in the Accessories and Merchandising Team to manage the accessories category, support with the Domiciliary frame refreshes and manage the merchandising of frame launches in store. My apprenticeship and the time-management developed from my learning has actively supported in my ability to support on different categories.

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