Introducing our Neurodiversity colleague network  

Specsavers Neurodiversity Colleague Network (NDN) is our newest Specsavers Colleague Network. Each network focuses on a different category of diversity amongst Specsavers colleagues, but the aim is the same for every network – to CELEBRATE our diversities, whatever they may be, and to ensure that Specsavers recognises those diversities and enables everyone to thrive and be the best that we can be! 

The Neurodiversity colleague network is intended as a safe, supportive, educational space where individual diversity is celebrated in all aspects of life.  

The  colleague network was set up by our very own Gilly Jones who works in our legal department. Gilly is particularly passionate about this subject. Her drive to bring this network to life is fuelled by both her own workplace experiences as an autistic person, and her journey parenting a child with autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. She has experienced the negative associations which can be made with neurodiversity and firmly believes that neurodiversity is a gift which should be harnessed and celebrated. Barriers should be removed rather than having to be overcome. Everyone should feel proud to bring their whole selves to work! 

Born of a spark of personal passion, a network open to thousands of colleagues has grown into a reality thanks to so many amazing Specsavers colleagues. I am certain that together we can achieve great things and change lives for the better.’
Gilly Jones, Legal Counsel 

The network is available across all support offices and stores. The groups aim is to come together and celebrate all things neuro diverse, remove barriers, remove stigma and increase awareness and understanding of what neurodiversity actually is.  

Neurodiversity is a gift. We will all face challenges and one of the key aims of the NDN is to identify those challenges and remove barriers which are holding any one of us back. 

The NDN is proudly championed by John Perkins, CEO of Specsavers: ‘I still remember the single most important piece of advice that Mary ever gave me (always trust your mum, btw!); ‘treat people in the way you would want to be treated yourself’.  The Neurodiversity Network is just another part of how we are doing this, each day, in Specsavers – facilitating the bringing of different creative minds to the same table and achieving unique perspectives and real strength together in the workplace and beyond.’
John Perkins, Executive Sponsor  


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