Launching our Diversity & Inclusion commitment 

We’re making a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion. We wanted a simple way of communicating D&I at Specsavers and our commitment below brings to life our promise to put D&I at the heart of everything we do.  

“We will have an inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome, valued and proud to belong” 

One of the (many) benefits of working for a global organisation like Specsavers is the truly diverse group of people we have the opportunity to work with every day.  

From Asia and Hong Kong, across to Canada, our colleagues bring a diversity of thought, giving a different perspective and new ways of thinking for each of us to consider every day.  

And with that, comes the need for us to be more inclusive – we can’t simply benefit from the diverse experiences, we have to ensure we create a space where everyone can be themselves, feel empowered, valued and proud to belong.  

That’s why, this year, we’re building on the great work already underway, and stepping up our investment in diversity and inclusion.  

To support this, we’ve already: 

  • Joined Diversity in Retail so we can gain a broader perspective and explore, grow and understand more about how we can ensure our culture embraces the different views and thinking of a diverse workforce 
  • Introduced a Wellbeing and Inclusion Lead; a role that is solely focused on driving our global agenda 
  • Supported the creation of colleague network groups: Prism (our LGBTQIA+ group) in the UK, Guernsey and Australia and New Zealand; Parent-Hood (a network for parents) in Australia and New Zealand; and in the UK and Guernsey we also have embRACE (our ethnic minority group), Empowered Together (our women’s group), MenoTalk (our menopause awareness group) and Neurodiversity (for neurodiverse colleagues). 

What’s next?  

Ensuring everyone feels welcomed, valued and proud to belong is no easy feat. But we’ve spent time with Diversity in Retail and talking to colleagues across the business to understand where we should put our focus. And this has developed into a ten-point plan – a plan that will help us commit to activity that will create an inclusive culture, ensure all our colleagues role model inclusion, keep them connected with the importance of inclusion, and focus on key opportunities to move us forward in our journey to full inclusivity.  

Peter Wright, Chief Marketing Officer at Specsavers and Steven Evans, our Wellbeing and Inclusion Lead, recently sat down to discuss the launch of Specsavers’ new diversity and inclusion commitment and strategy. The pair cover the importance of the commitment to Specsavers colleagues and customers along with what the future holds to ensuring Specsavers is a welcoming and inclusive place of work. Have a listen below:

Keep following our blog ‘Inside Specsavers’ to see how we are progressing in our journey.

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