Meet Pragna: A Specsavers veteran and STEM Ambassador

Pragna Raghwni is a dedicated eye care professional with a 20-year career at Specsavers. She’s a practicing Contact Lens Optician (CLO), Dispensing Optician (DO), an examiner, mentor, coach for ABDO , and a true advocate for STEM learning.

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning helps students and young people link STEM subjects to the real world of work. Pragna became a STEM ambassador to inspire the next generation and get them thinking about a potential career in optics or audiology. It is something she is hugely passionate about.

Becoming a STEM ambassador was a natural progression for Pragna, given her long-standing involvement in school career fairs, with her interest piqued when she discovered STEM Ambassadors via LinkedIn. After completing the necessary course and gaining the qualification, Pragna is proud to undertake this role. In particular, she is proud because her STEM role enables her to inspire the next generation into optics careers from becoming clinicians and lab technicians to optometrists and even the opportunity to own a store as a Partner.

When asked about advice for others considering becoming STEM Ambassadors, Pragna’s enthusiasm shines through. ‘I would encourage anyone interested in promoting our profession to get involved,’ she says.

Many of her fellow Partners have been inspired by her and have joined the STEM platform under her guidance. If you are interested in becoming a STEM ambassador, you can find out more here: STEM Ambassadors.

A fulfilling career at Specsavers

‘I have overcome many challenges with the help and support of Specsavers’, adds Pragna reflecting on her time with Specsavers. Back in 2010, Pragna was diagnosed with normal tension glaucoma and lost 30% of her vision and it was great to be able to work somewhere where people understood her condition and can help her when needed. ‘I enjoy being in my store just the same today as I did back in 2003.’

Specsavers’ diversity and the constant evolution of her roles are other reasons why she finds it such a fulfilling career. ‘It’s a brand I am very proud of and promote it at every opportunity I get,’ she added.

In a world where eye care goes beyond just correcting vision, Pragna Raghwani demonstrates what it means to be a dedicated professional. Her journey from a Contact Lens Optician (CLO) to a Retail Partner, an examiner, mentor, coach, and a STEM Ambassador is a testament to her unwavering dedication and the boundless possibilities that await within the field of optometry.


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