Meet Rakesh: Ophthalmic Partner and President of British Contact Lens Association

Rakesh Kapoor is a Specsavers Ophthalmic partner of nearly 30 years who has certainly been there and got the Specsavers t-shirt!

In 1991, Rakesh graduated from Aston University and spent his pre-reg year and the first six months of his career as a qualified optometrist, working with an independent practice in London. At an early age, Rakesh was extremely ambitious and keen to explore opportunities that would enhance his lifestyle and his professional and clinical ability.

Attending the Birmingham Optrafair event, Rakesh wandered over to the Specsavers stand where he was greeted by a tall gentleman who introduced himself as Doug Perkins. Following a 30 minute conversation, Rakesh found himself boarding a plane to Guernsey to be immersed in the Specsavers brand and the ambitious plans they had for the future of optics.

24-year-old Rakesh was soon to be part of the first cohort of stores to open their doors in London. At this time there were no stores located in the capital city.

Rakesh was filled will all kinds of emotions having been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. That year in September 1994, Rakesh became the Ophthalmic Partner at Specsavers Wembley. Rakesh has since opened three others stores in London: Edgeware 2009, Stanmore 2018 and Wembley Park 2018.

Aside of running four stores, Rakesh has had a colourful career outside of Specsavers and in a leadership capacity within the Specsavers support office. In 2000, Rakesh became a College of Optometrists Assessor and then went on to study for an MBA. Since 2002 Rakesh has been a visiting lecturer at Aston University teaching undergraduates marketing, finance and economics.

In 2004 Rakesh joined the GOC fitness to practice committee for a 12-year period and also did a three year term as a College Councillor with the College of Optometrists, offering guidance to its members.

In 2017, Rakesh was appointed as Head of EOS at Specsavers covering London and South of England. In January 2023, the role evolved to Clinical Performance Consultant. Rakesh and his team, work with Specsavers employed clinicians to aid their development and clinical performance. This includes a listening and support group for optometrists.

With a passion for contact lenes, in 2018, Rakesh joined the BCLA council, representing Specsavers and the multiples sector amongst industry professionals from around the world. The council is the number one place for learning about contact lenses. In 2023, Rakesh was proudly appointed the President of British Contact Lens Association. He will be attending the next conference in China 2024 as President.

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