Optometrist Eamon Tariq: From Pre-reg to Joint Venture Partnership in one year

Qualifying in 2020, Eamon Tariq, took the Specsavers Pathway to Partnership course and aged 28, is now a Joint Venture Partner.

Starting out with Specsavers as a part-time Optical Advisor, while studying Optometry at University, he completed his pre-reg at the same store – joining the Pathway course as soon as he’d qualified. We caught up with him to find out more.

Studying with Specsavers

Optometrist Eamon Tariq Pre-reg to Partner 2

“Specsavers was the first choice by far. It’s always been Specsavers, Specsavers, Specsavers. There’s a reason the pre-reg programme is shouted about. Having been through it, I understand why, the training is the best out there in terms of all the Optical groups. I had great supervisors who I learnt a wealth of wisdom from and helped me to progress further.

The Specsavers courses have been amazing with support on hand to help with any issues. I always look forward to going on a new course and coming back having learnt something that maybe my supervisors didn’t know!

Pathway to Partnership in a Pandemic

I’ve always been interested in the business side of things. As soon as I started my pre-reg I met with the directors and made them aware that I was interested in the business. That’s what I love about Optometry – you can use the clinical side along with the retail side.

I qualified in February, just before the March lockdown. It was a case of qualifying, getting my GOC number and then off work for 3 months! In that time, I progressed through the Pathway course.

On passing Pathway I received a lot of complimentary feedback, and the examiner said I was one of the best candidates they’d seen. That made me really grateful, and I was proud of my performance.

Taking on the Partnership

It’s been very busy and challenging with all the rules and regulations, PPE etc, but it has been rewarding at the same time and the team has coped well.

The Partner I succeeded retired after 25 years. He was my supervisor, and I gained a lot of experience, wisdom, and a wealth of knowledge from him, for which I’m forever grateful. I don’t feel any pressure following him, I feel great privilege for the position. I’m at such an early stage of my career and I’m hoping to make him proud.

Great things come when you step outside of your comfort zone.

Future ambition

Optometrist Eamon Tariq Pre-reg to Partner 3

I’m looking forward to working alongside the other partners to grow the business and provide the best eye-care and offer the best service. From starting my journey with Specsavers, I understand the values and principles we stand for, and I hope to continue that in the future.

I’m hoping to build a successful business, like my current Partners who have quite a few stores, as did the previous Optical Partner. They’ve already shared the benefits of doing that, so for me I would like to follow in their footsteps and have a look at other stores in the future.”


Eamon’s advice for those considering Partnership

Go for it. Be confident in your abilities, believe in yourself, it’s going to be challenging, and it’s going to be tough, you’ll have some setbacks but if you’re really passionate about it, you’ll make it through.

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