See your career at Specsavers: Meet Rohan, from Specsavers Southampton store to support office

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Rohan has lived and breathed Specsavers culture; three years ago, he started his journey working part time in our Southampton store. Fast-forward to 2023, he is now working as part of the technology customer service team supporting stores across the UK and ROI.  

Hi, my name is Rohan Thakker and I’ve been a part of the Specsavers family for over 3 years. I am a training analyst within the technology customer service team. As a team we support our stores and partners with superior and exponential service. 

As a training analyst I support our customer service analysts with assistance and primary support across the Service Desk. This involves producing training material and learning resources for new starters beginning their Specsavers journey within IT. 

What was your background before joining Specsavers? 
Before starting my Specsavers journey, I had an elevated interest within the profession of technology. I have studied IT and computing which enabled me to have specific interest within this field. 

Tell me a little bit about your journey at Specsavers?
It all started at the age of 17 whilst I was still at Sixth Form, I started working part time in the Southampton store. My understanding of the business was providing a service of optical care, varying from performing clinical tests for patients as well as ensuring our customers can have clear vision, merchandising glasses according to preference and lifestyle. My role in store also involved the art of repairing broken glasses for customers that had been “accidentally sat on” or “chewed up by the dog”. 

From the very start of my career with Specsavers I was able to develop some of key skills like leading a team and providing critical services within the clinical team. Ensuring we were overachieving through the exceptional products and services Specsavers provide.  

I had the chance to have a tour around the Whitely support office in order to understand the other side of our business. From here I was able to identify individuals in technology and build relationships and within a couple of months was offered a role within Specsavers IT Service Desk. Straight away I was able to implement my store knowledge as well as my passion for IT which enabled me to strive and transcend being one of the top analysts within the optics field.  

How did Specsavers help and support your development? 
Having worked both in store and support office – Specsavers has always encouraged me to fulfil potential opportunities. Within my first year working in the technology team, I was able to attain my ITIL v4 certification, which covers the fundamentals of IT service management as well as incident management. From here I was then able to progress within the training and the knowledge team to improve the training analysts receive across our service desk. 

What gives you pride in your role? 
Within my time at Specsavers, I feel that have always been recognised in the contribution and hard work. Recognition is visible which, personally inspires me to work harder and manifest succession.  

What have you learnt during your time at Specsavers? 
Within my three years at Specsavers, I have developed confidence, professionalism, time management and frolicsome. Specsavers has shaped me into the person I am to this day! 

What would you say to encourage someone thinking about applying?
Take inspiration from my journey and look at how far I’ve come in just three years. Applying at Specsavers will be the best decision you ever make!  

Why do you love working at Specsavers? 
Specsavers culture is known in the industry for its enthusiastic and witty demeanour on social media. This enthusiasm has followed me throughout within my time here and the balance between hard work and efficiency is what makes us unique. 

What one word would you use to describe the Specsavers culture? 

Finally, tell us a little bit about yourself 
I would describe myself as a workaholic I just love all things IT, however I do enjoy going to the gym and keeping myself entertained with sports. 

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