Specsavers partner with Amazing if to take part in the Squiggle & Stay programme

Here at Specsavers, we’re excited to share that we’re taking part in the Squiggle & Stay programme in partnership with Amazing if 

You might be wondering, what does this mean… well, over the next 12 months, Specsavers, alongside 11 other organisations, will be reimagining retention and experimenting with different ways to support our colleagues to progress and develop in different directions. 

Most people don’t look internally when considering a new role, often due to lack of visibility, accessibility, and support. We’re aiming to remove these barriers by conducting 3-4 innovative career experiments that we hope will shape a culture that supports and nurtures internal mobility and squiggly careers!  

Our plans are to: 

  • experiment with our job descriptions and internal recruitment process to actively encourage internal moves.
  • enable our colleagues to spend time in different teams and functions, learning about different roles and applying transferable skills across a range of projects. 
  • ensure that our colleagues are encouraged to have a squiggly career by trialling a range of career support networks. 

We’re super excited about the journey we’re about to dive into and would love to take you along with us, so we’ll be updating our channels each month to document our progress and successes (and maybe a few failures too!).   

Make sure to check out our social channels and ‘Inside Specsavers’ blog to stay up to date.

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