Squiggle and Stay Programme Update

It’s 2023 and we’re back with a bang having launched our first Squiggle & Stay Programme experiment!

So, what’s the plan?

If you saw our first blog post, you’ll remember the three main barriers to internal mobility are: a lack of visibility, accessibility, and support. In experiment, one we’re taking on accessibility!

Our goal is to make squiggly opportunities for progression easier to identify and therefore easier to access. The key to this experiment is transferable skills (the core skills you take from role to role).

We’re taking a two-pronged approach; supporting and encouraging our people to identify their skills, as well as updating our job adverts to lead with 3-5 transferable skills needed for each role. So, once our colleagues have identified what theirs are, they’ll be able to match these to internal opportunities.

We’re not stopping there though! The next step comes at application, where we’ll be asking candidates to tell us about some of their experiences where these skills have been demonstrated. Our recruitment team and Hiring Managers can then focus on these examples rather than CV’s and previous job titles – which let’s face it, can sometimes be misleading!

Of course, we want to see if these changes make an impact, so we’ll be tracking a few things, including:
• How confident our colleagues feel identifying their transferable skills and internal opportunities
• The mix of internal applications before and after the experiment
• The number of cross-functional moves during the experiment

To see how we’re getting on with this experiment, and to learn about what’s yet to come, make sure to follow our social channels!

Take a look at our first blog post to find out more about the experiment – Specsavers partner with Amazing if to take part in the Squiggle & Stay programme – Join Specsavers UK & Ireland

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