Unique clinical network goes live for optometrists

An online network where Specsavers optometrists can connect and collaborate on all aspects of clinical practice has been rolled out to almost 4000 practitioners across the UK and Ireland.

Optometrists can access the Specsavers Professional Network, which is on the secure social platform Yammer, at any time by mobile, tablet or desktop.

It comprises several groups, of which ‘Optoms – OCT’ is the most popular.

Kiki Soteri, (left), Head of Optometry Development, says, ‘This is a unique peer to peer network, where all our employed optometrists can get involved by following clinical conversations and by posting their own clinical cases and redacted OCT images.

‘With more and more Specsavers optometrists having the opportunity to work with OCT, it is a great resource for everyone to use in addition to the extensive training provided when the OCT is installed.

‘We have already seen plenty of fascinating discussions unfolding, as optometrists throughout the UK and Ireland share their views and experience on wide ranging topics including newly-identified solar retinopathy, choroidal naevus classification, stepwise analysis of OCT scan images and priority of referrals for a range of macular cases including choroidal neovascular membranes, adult vitelliform maculopathy and epiretinal membrane.

‘Most conversations evolve organically, but if anyone wants to request expert facilitation, they can flag this by using #clinicalcoach.’

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