World Hearing Day 2023: Enabling You to Offer Ear and Hearing Care for All

World Hearing Day is here once again, and with this year’s theme of “Ear and hearing care for all”, we wanted to peek behind the scenes of Audiology, hearing from the very team offering ear and hearing care at Specsavers.

Rachel reveals what inspired her to get into audiology, but what was it that drew her to Specsavers specifically? Here we’ll explore what sets our audiology service apart, and how we’re working towards that all-important goal of universal ear and hearing care, highlighted by World Hearing Day 2023.


Caring for the community without complication

We place a great degree of trust in our audiologists, giving them a level of autonomy to care and follow-up with patients as they see fit. Of course, you’ll be offering advice to patients to help them manage their hearing loss – and providing hearing aids where needed to suit a patient’s lifestyle – but for you, that might not be where you want the care journey to end.

Many of our audiologists choose to stay in touch with patients long after the initial consultation, getting to know their families and understanding the impact they’ve had – adjusting and adapting over time if the solution isn’t quite hitting the mark on the first go. That gives you the freedom to approach each customer as an individual, using your intuition and natural sense for a patient’s needs to gauge what is right for them.


A one-of-kind culture of passion and excitement

There is a lot to be said for a culture of passion, excitement, and empathy. We naturally attract people that fit this mould, creating a supportive, positive, one-of-a-kind working culture – we’re all working towards the same goals, after all. It is our collective duty to provide best-in-class ear and hearing care to enhance the lives of our customers.

At the same time, Specsavers actively supports colleagues across Audiology and Optometry to learn and develop as much as possible. Many of our audiologists gain qualifications on the job, and the scope for training beyond audiology qualifications is near endless.


Being at the forefront of developments in audiology

Specsavers is a household name and that has its perks. Working with us you can expect to have a front-row seat to any major advancements in hearing technology and hearing aids, while also seeing fast investment in the very latest diagnostic tools.

Take hearing aids, for example, there have been huge developments in the past decade alone, from rechargeability to direct Bluetooth streaming and functional control apps. Imagine what could change in the next 10 years, and at Specsavers you’ll see innovation right in front of your eyes.

Ultimately our core goal is to deliver the best possible hearing care to every customer we see. How do we do it? Through trusting our audiologists to adapt the care they provide on a customer-by-customer basis, without getting caught up in red tape.

By fostering a culture of passion, excitement, and empathy, we’ve built a global team that naturally attracts like-minded people keen to see everyone around them succeed. Together with the latest technologies, we continually enhance the options available to continually improve our customers’ ear and hearing health.

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our latest vacancies and perhaps, by next year, you’ll be celebrating World Hearing Day as a Specsavers Audiology team member.


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