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Graduate Optometry Program

A career with a view

Off to the best possible start

The Specsavers Graduate Program offers a fast-track to work satisfaction and success. It could even lead to you becoming a Partner within one of our stores under the Specsavers store ownership program- Pathway.

Developed by experts

A two year-long development program along with employment contract for graduates or recently qualified optometrists who are new to Specsavers

Professionally enriching

A combination of professional events, courses and experiences designed to enrich your professional life

Collective experience

Capitalising on the collective wealth of knowledge and experience of the Optometry Partner in the store you join and within the Specsavers group through active mentorship

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Unique experience

As a graduate optometrist, fresh out of University, you will start work as a practicing optometrist in an owner-operated Specsavers store. You will automatically qualify for and join our Graduate Program – an unrivalled initiative of continuing professional development and career support from Specsavers.  The Graduate Program is a two-year development program for graduates or recently qualified optometrists that offers a combination of professional events, courses and experiences designed specifically to enrich professional life. The Specsavers Graduate Program capitalises on the collective knowledge and experience of both in-store optometry partners and the Professional Development team.

The two year program comprises three pillars standing on the foundation of mentorship

Continuing education
and professional

Commercial and


Year 1 - Hit the ground running

The first year of the graduate program is structured to support your clinical growth and development. Tailored workshops and regular feedback sessions are held to support your clinical growth and continued development.

As newly qualified optometrists, mentorship is a key part of your learning and development. We understand the pressures you feel in the first few months of starting your new career and have developed processes to ensure you get the support you need.

The optometrist director in your store is your primary mentor. They have vast knowledge and experience and are keen to assist in your development, both personally and professionally. It is important to know you can ask for assistance of advice whenever you need it. While you may have multiple catch ups during the day, it is important to have scheduled one on one time with your primary mentor and your retail mentor.

Year 2 - Practice, practice, practice!

During the second year of the Graduate Program, you will also be focused on continuing to increase your personal effectiveness as an optometric professional.  As an optometrist (no matter what your future goals are) you will be one of the most knowledgeable people in the store team and will naturally take on a leadership role. In acknowledgment of this, your second year on the Graduate Program is all about developing your leadership skills in the store environment

The learning never ends

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an interactive process to maintain, enhance and extend the practitioner’s knowledge, expertise and competence throughout their career. CPD is an important component in the continued provision of safe, effective and high quality optometric services. Specsavers CPD events occur throughout the year and focus on first-hand recommendations from our suppliers regarding ways to enhance customer satisfaction, ophthalmologist presentations and the RANZCO collaborative care pathways. Specsavers offers approximately 17,000 CPD points per year between online and event based activities.

Specsavers Clinical Conference

Specsavers Clinical Conference (SCC) has become the highlight of the ANZ optometry professional development calendar. In 2019, more than 700 delegates attended this annual two-day event. In 2020, SCC went virtual for the first time, with 12 interactive live webinars, virtual fringe talks, and on-demand video, delivered over a three-month period.

A fantastic professional networking event as well as a key opportunity for optometrists to gain Australian CPD and New Zealand CD points, SCC continues to provide professional development opportunities delivered by renowned experts in the field of ophthalmology.

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