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Meet Alex, Susan and Klaus...

Transforming healthcare on the high street is ambitious to say the least.
That’s why we need you. Join the Specsavers family and let’s shape the future of healthcare together.

Steps towards better eye care

We’ve rolled out Fundus cameras,
full field auto perimeters and complete
health checks as standard. Not to
mention investing in the industry’s
best and biggest Learning &
Development programme, clinical
conference and eye care research.
And that’s just the beginning…

Never stop learning

Developing our people and our industry
has been our drive since the very beginning.

All eyes on you

Everyone at Specsavers is encouraged to keep growing. Whether that’s by following a course at our Academy, doing an internship at another store, shadowing a colleague on their job or working voluntarily for a good cause – there's always room to grow.

Carve your own path

Career paths are as different as people. And the next step on the proverbial ladder doesn't have to go upwards. Many of us thrive as we get better and better at what we already do. Whatever your path, we'll support you along the way.

Learning on your own schedule

Let's face it - everyday life can be quite a mouthful. Not only do we have a busy day job, we also have a private life to look after. That’s why we offer more ways to learn. On top of regular classroom training, some subjects are also offered as e-learning courses, virtual classroom sessions, webinars or clinical articles. Although it’s good fun to meet colleagues from other stores or offices, it’s sometimes just easier to squeeze in an hour of screentime at home or on the job.

Stay on top of change

As much as we encourage personal growth, it's also nice to be in the know when it comes to practical changes in your everyday work. At our online learning platform, we motivate store teams to focus on a new subject every month. Anything from learning the ins and outs of a new designer brand, to new store processes, and how to handle new privacy legislation with useful hands-on tools.

We will make you the best you can be

more to work
than work

Working here is more than just a job.
Meet our team of fun loving people
motivated to be the best they can be.

Our history may have started on a table tennis table in a spare bedroom in Guernsey, but as they say: From humble beginnings come great things. Browse our timeline of industry firsts and achievements that continue to make us proud and help shape our future.

Your opportunities

Be the best you can be. That's the promise we make to every one of our employees. Check out opportunities to join here.

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