Our development opportunities

Our development opportunities

Be the best you can be

Since the start in 1984, our founders Doug and Mary have strongly believed in giving people the possibility to grow and develop. And we’re still convinced that our company can only grow if our people grow. That’s why if you join us, we promise you that we’ll always encourage you to keep on learning and offer you the tools to do soAnd you know what’s the best thing about it? It’s one of the reasons why most of our talents choose to stay with us for years.

You’re never too old to learn

Learning is part of what we do every day: not only when we attend a classroom course or webinar, but even more so in our day-to-day work. We like to explain the way we learn by the so-called 70-20-10 model. This sounds more complicated than it is, so let’s explain. 

An old Chinese saying actually says it all: “Tell me and I forget; teach me and I remember; involve me and I learn”. Research shows us that only 10% of what we learn can be taught. This is formal learning and happens – for example – ia (virtual) classroom, by reading a book or by watching a webinar. The next part, another 20% of how we learn, is a more informal way and happens when we discuss our learnings with our managers and peers. That leaves us with 70%, which is the time we spend on putting our learnings into practice: being part of the team, helping a customer, delivering a project, solving a problem or trying something new.

One-stop-shop for training

This 70-20-10 approach comes with a great deal of responsibility and freedom. You get the power to grow in your role, climb the career ladder and get better at what you do. But of course, not without the tools to do so. That’s why our country talent development teams focus every day on making these tools available through our unique training app, GreenPointThis app makes it easy for you to learn something new wheneverwherever and however you like. Read an article, follow a learning module, watch a videotalk to your colleagues on our social wall – all at hand on your smartphone or tablet. 

Next to digital learningthe talent development team organises (virtual) classroom training, webinars, and other gatheringsThe focus of these get-togethers is to talk about what you and your peers have learned on GreenPointshare experiences, and discuss how you can put your learnings into practice.

Carve your own path

Career paths are as different as people. Whether you just started working for us or have been with us for a while: you’ll always be encouraged to stay curious and learn something new – even if that means specialising in a different field or running your own store one day. We’ll make sure to support you along the way. Every store has an in-store trainer who trains the team and coaches all team members throughout their careers.  

Browse through the stages below to see what’s on offer for store teams, partners and employees in our support office. 

Learning for all

Our journey towards making better eye care accessible to the many isn’t one we can take on our ownInstead, better eye care starts with collaborating with other eye and healthcare experts and making sure that all eye care professionals can stay on top of their game. We believe that advancing the knowledge of the entire industry is equally important as developing our own people. 

That’s why we have initiated Viewpointan online learning platform for all eye care professionalsViewpoint offers free access to practical handbooks on all sorts of eye care topics, interviews and videos with industry experts, e-learning modules to get your CET points, and much more – all created in collaboration with industry experts. For all optometrists, students and other eye care professionals to use in your daily work: to build your knowledge and to become even better at what you do.

Our yearly eye care event

Viewpoint organises one of the leading eye care events: the yearly Clinical Conference, which is also open to people who don’t work at Specsavers. We’re proud to see how the event has become the place to be for opticians, optometrists, optical students and other eye care professionals – who all join forces to make better eye care accessible to all.  

In the Netherlands, we offer hearing care as part of our service in stores. That’s why Clinical Conference is also open to audiologists, students and other hearing care professionals, who can join a separate programme. Just like our ambition for better eye care, we can only deliver the best hearing care if we work together with all hearing care professionals, hearing aid manufacturers, and other healthcare providers.

Be the best you can be.

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