At Specsavers, the support for individual development is sincere

29/04 2024 - Stores

At Specsavers, the support for individual development is sincere

Shopping centre Redi in Kalasatama, Helsinki, has housed a Specsavers store since its completion in 2018. Eija Kauppinen is Specsavers Redi’s store manager and a Specsavers employee since almost a decade ago. During that time, she witnessed a notable change in Specsavers’ customer image. “People have understood that while our prices are often the best, so is the service”, she says.

Eija began working at Specsavers soon after she finished high school. It surprised her more than anyone else that she was suddenly working in an optical store – and in a field, she knew nothing about. At first, everything seemed sophisticated, complicated, and a little intimidating. But once she got going, nothing could stop her. Not knowing the field beforehand became a challenge, and soon she seized every chance to speed up her personal development.

Passionate self-development

Once on her Specsavers journey, Eija studied everything possible and beyond, finishing courses not directly related to her role. She even became an internal trainer for a period within her store. "I became incredibly enthusiastic about harnessing a person's utmost potential while ensuring their constant flourishing and happiness. This drive motivated me to study everything available," Eija says.

Eija also participated in Partner in Development, i.e. PiD entrepreneur training and had her sights set on becoming a Specsavers entrepreneur. No suitable opportunities were available then, however. Then the pandemic hit. Eija’s store was affected, and she had to look for another job. However, once the situation improved, her store partner called her back and made her the store manager.

HR a new passion

Due to the pandemic, Eija has temporarily set aside her entrepreneurial plans."Right now, I’m more interested in the HR side of things and how to cultivate and maintain team spirit, even if things are good at my workplace." In the future, personnel management and development on a broader scale could be of interest to Eija. A job, for example, at the support office or some other way of promoting things for a larger group of people might one day be the way forward.

Eija thinks that the way Specsavers supports personal development is one of its strong points. “At Specsavers, we take into consideration each person's unique starting point and preferences. There's no need for anyone to feel inadequate or undervalued. Our approach to development begins right from where people are at that very moment." She also thinks that at Specsavers, everyone has a voice, and that voice is heard. All ideas or complaints are welcome. “Specsavers walks by your side. There is a strong determination to provide education and invest in intellectual capital.” Therefore, Eija hopes that new employees won't impose unnecessary limitations on themselves. "We want your success as much as you do, so you should just go for it, whatever it is."

personal development inspires Eija
Eija Kauppinen enjoys customer service and motivating others

A distinctive privilege to be at the forefront of eye-health

But there’re other things that make Eija appreciate her job “I am proud to be part of a little hidden side of health care. We’re moving fast forward in eye health, and it’s great to be at the forefront of it," Eija says. For example, sometimes asymptomatic retinal detachments are detected at retinal imaging, which may save that person's eyesight. In those moments, Eija finds her job particularly meaningful.

The remarkable uniqueness of individual vision has truly amazed her in her role. Even individuals with identical prescriptions might perceive things quite differently. As a result, helping a customer who has struggled with finding the perfect pair of glasses can also bring immense joy.

Team development results in sales development

Eija spends most of her working day in core duties, such as customer service, ordering glasses, and helping customers choose frames. As a store manager, Eija monitors sales development and holds team meetings. She also motivates her team with small competitions and other uplifting activities. For instance, they might concentrate on a specific product, delving deep into its details, which ultimately helps sell it. That, in turn, clearly reflects on the result.

Nature and biology fascinate Eija, and she has also studied the functioning of the eye and how light transforms into information in the brain, even though she is not an optometrist. Since she's genuinely intrigued by understanding human nature, the bravery and willingness to openly share one's own challenging experiences for the betterment of others truly motivate her. "When a person has gained life experience, it’s wonderful when they dare to share what they’ve learned," Eija sums up.

In her free time, Eija finds happiness in spending quality moments with her family and friends, exploring culinary skills and relishing delicious meals. An interesting, perhaps uncommon, skill she possesses is the ability to unfailingly spot a tasteful kiwi fruit. Additionally, Eija has memorized all the lines from The Lion King, a detail she playfully hints might not require sharing with everyone. Yet, if you ever seek expertise on The Lion King, you now know the go-to person.

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