Luckas found his strengths at Specsavers

18/03 2024 - Stores

Luckas found his strengths at Specsavers

Throughout primary school, Luckas Bossen’s teachers believed he was slightly unintelligent and lazy. But he was neither – he had dyslexia. Unfortunately for Luckas, it was not until the 8th grade that he was finally tested for dyslexia, the root cause of his challenges at school. When he applied to go into a career as a sales intern at Louis Nielsen (Specsavers’ brand name in Denmark) in Haderslev, he was completely open about his challenges with dyslexia. To his delight and surprise, however, his employers never saw his struggles with reading and writing as a problem.

He got the position, and on his first day in the store, owner Thomas Aarø Andersen ordered IT aids, showing great understanding and support for Luckas. That way, the new apprentice had optimum working conditions from the get-go. It was a warm and inclusive welcome that meant a lot to him," says Luckas.

"The welcome I got was exceptional, and no one ever looked down on me. It was never a problem that I sometimes need a bit more time than others to read and write."

A keen eye for visual expression

Before he started his career as a sales intern at Louis Nielsen, the 22-year-old had never considered selling spectacles. Instead, he spent a couple of years in a hairdressing school. But even though he enjoyed the chatter with customers sitting in the chair, the work as a hairstylist became routine in the long run. However, his experience as a hairstylist hasn’t been wasted. Today, his keen eye for visual expression helps him find the perfect match between the spectacle frame and the customer's head shape and skin tone. Instead of caring for people in the hairdressing chair, he now cares for them at eye level on the shop floor. And he loves the daily interaction with customers in the store.

"When the customers are happy, it often makes you happy as well,” he says.

A workplace with room for differences

Luckas is passionate about fashion and interior design, which has led him to his role as an in-store merchandiser. As a merchandiser, he ensures the store's layout is well-organized.

Luckas has navigated through a challenging educational system and finally found a workplace where he feels valued for his unique abilities. He’s grateful to be part of a team that focuses on utilising his strengths rather than highlighting his shortcomings. This environment provides him with ample opportunities to develop his career.

"Louis Nielsen is a workplace that highlights your strengths. There's a very open-minded culture here. I've received all the help I could ask for," says Luckas.

Looking at a great green future

For a 22-year-old like Luckas, it’s great being part of a company that puts an emphasis on networking and social events. Louis Nielsen frequently organises courses and social gatherings to allow employees to meet their colleagues from other Louis Nielsen stores. This has helped him build a large network, both professionally and personally.

"It truly feels like being part of a small green family. I’ve got a large circle of colleagues who I also socialise with outside of work, which makes me feel like I'm working with friends. That makes my workday so much more enjoyable," he says.

Luckas is convinced that his career will continue under Louis Nielsen’s green banner. Despite being young, Lukas has already been approached about potentially taking over as owner in Haderslev when the current owner retires in approximately ten years. He’s prepared to seize the opportunity when the time comes.

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