Motivated by the prospect of changing people's lives

06/11 2023 - Stores

Motivated by the prospect of changing people's lives

Optometry student Sara Sørensen’s career has only just begun. Nevertheless, she’s already seen Louis Nielsen (Specsavers’ brand name in Denmark) from more perspectives than most. Her path into the company started with a cleaning job at the Louis Nielsen store in Frederikshavn. Later, she saw the inside suit of the Louis Nielsen mascot ‘Super Louis’ and worked on the sales floor as an untrained sales assistant. Initially, her dream was to become a nurse. However, after a semester of studying at nursing school, her former employers at Louis Nielsen talked her into swapping the uniform for an education in optometry. A choice she’s yet to regret.

"As a nurse, you get up close and personal with people, and sometimes you lose a patient. It can be tough. As an optician, you also get to know people quite well, but it's not quite as up close and personal. Here, you can also put your caring gene to use, but you don't bring work home in the same way," says Sara. Currently, she’s doing an internship at the store in Frederikshavn and will complete her studies in 2024.

Changing people’s lives is a motivation

Being able to care for and help others is a driving force for Sara. As an optometrist, she can truly change people's lives by literally giving them a new perspective on life, Sara explains.

"One of the best things about the job is helping people who have never worn glasses before. I especially remember a little boy who came in to get glasses for the first time. When he put them on, he just looked at his mother with this look of wonder, and then he just started crying. Now he could finally see her face. The experience was quite emotional."

Busy in the best possible way

Experiences like this leave a mark on her job satisfaction and everyday life in the store. Daily life is busy, but there’s adequate time to take good care of people, even when the store is buzzing. Louis Nielsen is known for its fast pace, which enables our competitive prices. The busyness and the flow of customers are often mentioned by Sara's fellow students when the subject of Louis Nielsen comes up. One stereotype about Louis Nielsen is that there isn't enough time to take care of customers, but Sara disagrees.

"We're a busy team, and we thrive in a fast-paced environment. However, it's important to note that in other optometry chains, the optician is responsible for guiding the customer through the entire process. Here at Louis Nielsen, our opticians focus solely on the optical aspects while our sales team assists with anything related to the sale. This allows everyone to specialise in what they do best. Personally, I find this approach fitting as my primary motivation lies in healthcare rather than sales."

A fast-paced environment for career growth

In terms of career, the environment at Louis Nielsen is also fast-paced. Sara will finish her optometry education next year, but her determination and drive have already impressed the store's two partners to the degree that they’ve recommended she go directly to get her own store. A career on a fast track.

"It would be incredibly exciting to run my own store one day. The thought of it has grown on me after the store owners encouraged me to go for it. I’m very flattered by their trust in me," says Sara.

As a young and relatively new member of the world of optometry, she finds Louis Nielsen to have a flat structure, creating an ideal learning environment where professionals readily support each other.

"I’m fortunate to work in a collaborative learning environment where the sales team and optometrists constantly exchange knowledge. Additionally, the store owners are easily accessible and willing to discuss any concerns or ideas. I’m grateful for the abundance of support available from my colleagues, as well as from the headquarters support office.

A work culture with a strong sense of community

As a student of optometry, she’s got the chance to connect with other students in the field through the Specsavers network. In addition to attending Louis Nielsen's yearly summer bash, which brings together stores from all over the country, there’re also opportunities for networking meetings and international trips. For example, Sara and her fellow students visited Specsavers' headquarters and production facilities in England.

"It almost feels like being part of a small family. There's a strong sense of community and an outgoing culture that provides ample opportunities to build a good network."

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