World glaucoma week: 71% of Canadians expect an early warning symptom from glaucoma, putting eye health at serious risk

Commonly referred to as the “silent thief of sight”, glaucoma is asymptomatic in most cases and by the time the condition is noticed, the vision loss is irreversible. Despite being relatively asymptomatic as it progresses, a recent Specsavers survey, conducted by Leger, shows the majority of Canadians (71%) expect at least one early warning symptom […]

A different kind of optical company – Lorenzo Martinell

Specsavers has always been about two things coming together to do more good than they could on their own, not unlike a pair of glasses. From its founding by two optometrists 40 years ago, Specsavers has always grown stronger through the support of partnership, which is why eyecare professionals who’ve experienced Specsavers within their career journey are excited to see that the company has made its way to Canada.

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