Specsavers reaches new heights with 75th Canadian store opening

Embarking on a mission to redefine accessible eyecare, Specsavers proudly reached new heights as it surpassed its 75th store to serve Canadians. Since November 2021, Specsavers has kickstarted the ownership journey of over 150 optometrists opticians and retail professionals, with a supportive partnership model that makes business ownership an attainable reality.

At Specsavers, affordable, quality eyewear meets quality clinical care. Optometrists can own shares in an optical store with a retail partner and start their own independent clinic at the same time. The independent clinics located within a Specsavers are fitted with advanced technologies to offer comprehensive eye exams with optical coherence tomography (OCT) for a thorough understanding of each patient’s eye health and journey. With early detection capabilities through OCT, vision can be safeguarded against sight-threatening conditions like glaucoma and diabetes.

But at the core of the model is people, and the personal connections formed with patients and customers. Rachel Perez, registered optician and retail partner at Specsavers CF Lime Ridge fondly recalls a moment with a grateful customer: “During my first week at Specsavers, there was a customer who hadn’t purchased new glasses in 12 years because she wasn’t able to afford them. With tears in her eyes, she expressed gratitude that she was now able to buy not only one, but two pairs at Specsavers.”

Specsavers’ impact speaks for itself as the network has attracted over 350 eyecare professionals. As we continue to grow and offer more locations for Canadians to access eyecare, demand for optometry services at independent clinics located within Specsavers also continues to grow; the average independent clinic saw a 30 percent increase in eye exams compared to a year ago. As many Canadians are introduced to Specsavers through its high quality, stylish and affordable eyewear, retail sales have maintained a strong trajectory with the average Specsavers store seeing a 75 percent increase in outside prescriptions filled in the last quarter compared to the This is being driven by the multi-million dollar marketing campaign and business support Specsavers provides their partners.*

Partners in Ontario came together in April to connect, share and collaborate on the success of their new businesses and independent optometric clinics.

“Each week brings growth right across the board,” says Callum Gunn, retail partner at Specsavers CF Fairview Park Mall. “Whether it be eye exams, sales, or customer satisfaction, we have seen a steady and consistent increase week-to-week, and it is certainly not slowing down.”

With 30 locations in each of British Columbia and Ontario, and 16 in Alberta, Specsavers continues to make its mark across the country. Optometrists and opticians looking to start a business are supported through a franchise partnership model, allowing them to focus on delivering expert eyecare.

“For any doctors of optometry thinking of starting their own independent clinic and partnership with Specsavers, I’d encourage you to talk to a local partner,” says Dr. Jestyn Liew, optometry partner at Specsavers CF Fairview Mall Toronto. “We all share a common goal of helping our patients see their best by providing quality eye care.”

Currently, Specsavers is covering the location start-up costs for new partners, but this opportunity and locations are limited. Reach out to enquiries.ca@specsavers.com to start ownership or a career at a Specsavers location to be part of our thriving network of eyecare professionals.

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*Data on file. Based on data reported from November 2021 to May 2023.

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