A different kind of optical company – Lorenzo Martinell

Grand opening of Specsavers in Kitsilano, Vancouver BC.

Specsavers has always been about two things coming together to do more good than they could on their own, not unlike a pair of glasses. From its founding by two optometrists 40 years ago, Specsavers has always grown stronger through the support of partnership, which is why eyecare professionals who’ve experienced Specsavers within their career journey are excited to see that the company has made its way to Canada.

Lorenzo Martinelli began his career as an optician in France, has practiced eyecare in five countries, and is now Retail Partner and owner of a Specsavers optical retail store in Vancouver, Canada.

When Lorenzo discovered opticianry, he immediately loved the connection between retail and eyecare. Making people feel good about their appearance, as well as improving their vision, is a truly satisfying feeling. He spent 4 years working in France and then travelled worldwide, always working as an optician to learn from different cultures and sharpen his optical skills.

“When I heard that Specsavers was coming to Canada, I immediately reached out,” said Lorenzo. “I learned from partners across the world that it would be a great challenge to take on, as it’s a unique business model based on how to change customers’ lives for the better.”

“Sure enough, I met likeminded people. We want everyone, regardless of their budget, to be able to afford quality products and live happier lives through better vision. And I saw that Specsavers had built a strong support office team to make sure the recipe for international success was going to be applied here in Canada.”

As an optician, Lorenzo takes care of customers by demystifying their prescriptions and choosing the best frames and lenses to complement their visual needs. He can now grow as an optician, offer continuous training, and provide all the tools to accomplish this mission as an eyecare professional.

Lorenzo has no regrets about the decision to start his own store. It opened up his possibilities for the future, rather than  anchoring him.

“Specsavers values and encourages any work towards better eyecare for everyone. Some companies just wouldn’t have the resources or the inclination to enable a people-first, business-second endeavour,” he explains. “Specsavers supports you, however you see your career path progressing.”

From a professional point of view, Specsavers has made a pledge to elevate the role of the optician, a position many companies have begun to devalue and even sideline. That really isn’t aligned with the life-changing work opticians accomplish, and Specsavers gives them the resources and encouragement to do just that.


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