A focus on advanced eye care

As an optometrist and optician-led business, we are proud of Specsavers’ uncompromising pursuit of professional and clinical excellence. Our ability to deliver outstanding care to

Naomi Barber, Director of Optometry at Specsavers Canada
Naomi Barber – Director of Optometry at Specsavers Canada

so many people in so many locations around the world stems from our roots in local community eye care as well as in our commitment to ongoing multi-million-dollar investments in professional training, development, and the most advanced clinical equipment.

Standards of care in optometry are rapidly changing – as is the technology to support this change. As in our other markets, all clinics in Canada operated by our Optometrist Partners have advanced diagnostics equipped with the latest multifunctional autorefraction and detection technology, visual fields equipment, OCT technology, cloud-based image storage, and a consulting room equipped with the latest integrated digital refraction technology. As we forge an international leadership position around detection and referral rates for eye conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes-related eye disease, wet-AMD and more, we understand the critical need to back our professionals with the right technology to support their commitment to advanced care.


To understand more about our approach to clinical care follow our Director of Optometry, Naomi Barber, on LinkedIn. Or you can contact her directly by email at optometry.ca@specsavers.com.
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