Everyone deserves the best eyecare – Masoud Majidi Spotlight

Masoud Majidi, retail partner at Specsavers Lougheed Mall

Masoud Majidi spent 16 years working for one of Canada’s leading optical brands, taking a wilting business and turning it into the highest-performing store in BC and Alberta. He achieved this through impeccable customer care and employee satisfaction, values he shares with Specsavers.

“Everyone in our community should have their lives improved through better sight. This is Specsavers’ core philosophy,” says Masoud.

“They care for everyone, no matter their economic status, and place a strong focus on employee satisfaction. I’ve always been a people person. I like to take care of my team so they, in turn, have the support and freedom to do incredible work for our customers.”

A Growing Partnership

Masoud made the switch from a store he spent 16 years growing, in a role he felt under rewarded for his efforts, to become a Retail Partner of his own Specsavers store. That decision would usually be a gamble, but for Masoud it was a certainty.

“Having Specsavers in my corner meant I could become a store owner, a dream of many eyecare professionals which usually has significant barriers. The store start-up costs were covered in full, so I was able to open my store on day one, basically debt free,”  he explains.

He has found the level of support to be everything promised and surprisingly more. Masoud has saved time, effort, and stress as a mountain of day-to-day administration is taken off his hands. This is designed to ensure that his focus remains on the things he’s passionate about: providing exceptional care and investing real time in developing his individual team members.

Masoud’s optical store is growing stronger every day, as he can offer career development to his team. This means better eyecare for Canadians. This means exceptional eye health through stylish and functional eyewear at an affordable price. That’s while offering the use of advanced clinical equipment for pretesting. All these features and more enable the team to go the extra mile for patients and customers every single time.

“I love that as a partner I have the support to do whatever I can to help someone with their vision and improve their quality of life.” A partnership with Specsavers is an opportunity to step away from being an employee and start your own business with the world’s most successful privately own optical retailer. It’s a chance to benefit from the success of the business that you operate, while growing a valuable asset for the future as you look ahead to life after work.

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