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Dr. Bosung Kim, OD, Independent Optometry Owner at Specsavers Hastings-Sunrise
Dr. Bosung Kim, OD, Independent Optometry Owner at Specsavers Hastings-Sunrise

For Dr. Bosung Kim, community involvement has always been more than just a one-time commitment, it’s been a big part of his life. That’s why it was important for Dr. Kim to find a career that allowed him to merge his passion for community involvement with his attraction to the healthcare industry.  

Dr. Kim spent his undergraduate volunteering and shadowing dentistry, medicine and pharmacy until he found his home in optometry. A volunteer position at a private practice optometry clinic turned into a full-time optometric assistant position, which led him to pursue his optometry degree at the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. Now he has his own independent clinic with the support of Specsavers in Vancouver, British Columbia.  

Dr. Kim sorting glasses for donations
Dr. Kim sorting glasses for donations

Q – You’re an active member of Lions Club, why has this been so important to you? 

Giving back to my community has always been a big part of who I am. By being a part of Lions Club International, I am a part of a network of volunteers who all share a common goal: to serve. Being a Lion is about building relationships, leading by example, and improving the world with kindness. While each Lions Club has its own service focus, there are five global causes of particular interest around the world: vision, diabetes, hunger, childhood cancer, and environment.  

I currently sit as the President of the Vancouver Burrard Lions Club and as the Vision Awareness Chair for our district. I hope to serve with others to make a bigger impact on all things vision –whether it be performing eye exams for my patients, fundraising for Lions Foundation of Canada for Dog Guides, or actively collecting, sorting, and donating glasses to those in need, there is always more vision work to be done.   

Q – What inspired you to feel ready to be a business owner? 

Since optometry school, I have always worked towards the goal of one day having my own independent clinic. Since graduation, I have had the opportunity to practice in many different clinical settings and working as an associate gave me the opportunity to watch and learn. It gave me insight into what it takes to run an optometry clinic and it also gave me valuable exposure to things that work and don’t work in business. These experiences also allowed me to hone and improve my own personal and business skill assets. A couple of years in, I was no longer afraid of personally taking on the reigns – I knew I was ready. 

Q – What prevented you from starting your own business sooner? 

Like many students who go on to pursue doctorate degrees, there is often a large student loan that hangs over you once you graduate. There were countless days when I would calculate how many years it would take for me to be financially “ready” to take the plunge and invest in my own independent clinic. So, when I first heard about Specsavers’ unique franchise partnership model, it was a game changer, and I knew it was perfect for me.   

Q – Has anything surprised you since partnering with Specsavers? 

I frequently get surprised at how powerful the Specsavers brand is. Every week I get amazed at how many patients walk through our doors having been to other Specsavers stores in other markets. All these patients confidently return to Specsavers knowing that they will receive quality eye care and eyewear whenever they visit a Specsavers in any market.  

Specsavers works diligently to provide high-quality customer service to all patients around the globe. This is all made possible due to the amazing team of professionals in the background which includes marketing, support, resources, and also a global supply chain.  

Q – How has the technology in clinic supported your practice?  

Having access to the latest equipment and medical record systems has allowed me to provide a high level of care to all my patients. Having practiced in other clinical settings where these technologies were not an option, I often had to refer my patients out for baseline screenings due to in-office equipment limitations.  

Access to such great technology in my clinic certainly helps with patient retention and my patients appreciate being able to routinely see their fundus photos and OCT results at every examination. 

Q – How has opening your independent clinic with Specsavers met your expectations?  

Since opening the Hastings-Sunrise store, the patient volume and prescription fills have been steadily increasing month to month. It is wonderful to see so many new patients walk through our doors ready to experience the full Specsavers journey from receiving a comprehensive exam to leaving the store with a brand-new pair of spectacles.  

The store’s growth trajectory is upwards, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. It also helps that there is a team of professionals working in the background to help drive this growth. My expectations have been surpassed on many levels.  

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