Meet the partners at Specsavers’ first location in Ontario

Dr. Kelly Anderson, optometry partner, and Callum Gunn, retail partner, at Specsavers CF Fairview Park Mall in Kitchener, Ontario.

Specsavers officially opened their doors to Ontarians in October 2022. In less than six months, over 20 locations have opened, and we continue to grow in the province, providing quality eyecare with the latest technology as well as a full range of affordable eyewear.  

At the helm of Ontario’s first Specsavers location, CF Fairview Park Mall (Kitchener), are Dr. Kelly Anderson, Optometry Partner, and Callum Gunn, Retail Partner. They share their unique journey and experience as leaders in Ontario: 

Q: What has inspired your journey within the optical industry? 

Dr. Anderson: Both of my parents worked in the medical field. As a young child, I remember waking up to the phone ringing in the middle of the night. I would walk to the kitchen and see my dad, ophthalmologist Dr. David Anderson, as he raced out the door to see an emergency patient. He was always attentive, happy and eager to help – no matter what time of day or night. This stuck with me and greatly influenced my decision to go into healthcare. My mom, a nurse, also motivated me to listen, care and to treat patients holistically. 

Callum: The world of optics gives you the satisfaction of knowing you’re not doing the same task over and over again, but you’re providing a much-needed service. My interest in eye health led me to an opticianry course. This was such an exciting time in my life because I had also received the delightful news that I was going to be a father and I began working at a Specsavers store in the UK.  

Q: What motivated you to pursue business ownership with Specsavers? 

Callum: My kids are my motivation. I am putting everything into giving my kids what they need for their futures. I worked for Specsavers in the UK for many years, so I knew the opportunities available to me as a partner. I had previously considered the partnership route in the UK, but the opportunity to help launch the business in Canada and to partner was exciting – so I jumped on it. I also appreciated that I can be an owner with minimal costs, which lets me focus on the business. 

Dr. Anderson: When COVID hit and the borders closed, my husband and I were faced with the difficult decision to stay in Florida or return to Canada where my family was. We decided it was important for our two young boys to be with grandparents, so I joined a private practice in Hamilton but needed to make a change as I was spending more time commuting than with my family. I struggled with the costs associated with opening my own practice in the area. I felt that Specsavers was a good fit with my values at this time in my life, and I was also interested in the opportunity to be involved with a globally recognized brand. 

Q: What do you love to do outside of work? 

Dr. Anderson: Since moving back to Canada, the entire family now skis and we love that this brings us together, especially when combined with travel (my first love)! Other interests include ballroom dance, fishing and all water sports, yoga/meditation and finding amazing or unusual vacation rentals. 

Callum: I’m a dad of two and I like to spend all my spare time with my kids; they make up my hobbies and are my mentees! 

Q: How has it been since opening the doors to Specsavers Fairview Park Mall? 

Callum: Each week brings growth right across the board. Whether it be eye exam volume, overall sales, or customer satisfaction, we have seen a steady and consistent increase week-to-week and it is certainly not slowing down. 

Dr. Anderson: After five months as the optometry partner at the first Ontario Specsavers location, I am enjoying it very much, and so are the patients! I have an incredible associate optometrist one day per week and we are also seeking another associate, particularly for weekend coverage when we are incredibly busy. 

Q: Have you experienced any unexpected benefits since joining with Specsavers? 

Callum: My team has been the most unexpected benefit. Everyone we work with has fully embraced our Specsavers values. They enjoy coming to work and strive to make every one of our customers feel comfortable.
Dr. Anderson: The work environment is very positive and encouraging. There is great benefit that comes with owning an optometry practice within an environment that is supported by a peer group. I am especially impressed and proud when it comes to the quality of optometry talent that Specsavers attracts. I am honoured to be a part of this progressive and knowledgeable group of full-scope doctors. I feel that Specsavers operates as a true community. We all care about each other and look after one another. 

I am also honoured that patients entrust their care to me and my associates. It is special to have patients and their families grow with us, and I look forward to many years spent together! 

Q: What are you hearing from patients and customers at your location? 

Dr. Anderson: I believe that a happy clinic attitude gets passed on to patient care, and our reviews reflect this. Patients speak highly of the cleanliness of the clinic, the advanced technology and the thoroughness of their journey from pre-test to examination to eyewear selection. 

Callum: We are hearing that our customers are glad to have us in the community. We consistently achieve strong net promoter scores (NPS) ranging between 82-95, which is an outstanding rating. You will find one incredible story after the other from our customers and patients. 

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