Optometrist Spotlight: Dr Nikita Minhas

Dr. Nikita Minhas has always strived to make a positive change in peoples’ lives. During her time as a volunteer at Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary, she discovered her passion and commitment towards working with individuals in the medical system. Little did she know, years later when pursuing a part-time job as an Optometric Assistant, her passion for ocular health would start. Since then, her goal is to educate patients about their ocular and systemic health to prevent their health from deteriorating and most importantly help improve her patients’ overall quality of life.

What drew Dr. Minhas to Specsavers

Dr. Minhas has always put her patients’ needs above all, which is why it was important for her to find a company that aligned with her values. At Specsavers, the foundation stone of the business is to provide accessible and affordable eyecare to all individuals. Unlike other optometry clinics that charge fees for additional testing, every patient at Specsavers, regardless of their economic status, can obtain a comprehensive eye examination. This includes both basic entrance testing and pre-screening with an OCT and fundus photos, at no additional cost.

“As optometrists, this helps us detect both ocular and systemic diseases in the earlier stages and enables us to better educate our patients and aids us in more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans,” says Dr. Minhas.

What’s keeping Dr. Minhas at Specsavers

Specsavers empowers Dr. Minhas to always finish work on a positive note, knowing that she’s able to help and educate her patients. Her favourite aspect of her role is the ability to help multiple people improve their ocular and systemic health and the fact that she can implement a positive change in their life. Knowing that her patients are extremely happy with their overall experience just makes her want to keep going back to work every day.

“Every single patient that walked out of the exam really appreciated their entire experience from the moment they stepped into the clinic. Multiple patients claimed that they have never had such a thorough eye examination. In fact, I had many new patients that had come in directly through word of mouth,” says Dr. Minhas.

At Specsavers, Dr. Minhas is always supported to give her patients the best care. With the advanced clinical technology, it makes it so much easier for Dr. Minhas to educate patients about their eye health.

“I strongly believe that if patients could physically witness the impact of certain vascular diseases such as DM, high cholesterol and HTN have on their eyes then they’re more likely to implement changes to their lifestyle to improve their overall health,” says Dr. Minhas.

From the advanced clinical technology to the dedicated support team and cost-effective comprehensive eye examinations, Specsavers gives Dr. Minhas all the tools to do what she loves most – providing quality eyecare to patients.

What Dr. Minhas would tell other associates thinking about joining Specsavers

For associates thinking about joining Specsavers, Dr. Minhas has one word to sum it up: “AMAZING”. It is a great opportunity and you’ll be able to implement a positive change in a lot of patients’ lives. At Specsavers, the people are at the forefront of all decisions and have the opportunity to get extremely thorough, educational, and cost-effective comprehensive eye examinations.

According to Dr. Minhas, “Your exam lanes will be fully equipped; furthermore, having both an OCT and HVF aids in more accurate diagnosis, filters out immediate referrals and most importantly really helps with patient education. This will allow you to dive into the various facets of optometry, especially different retinal pathologies and allow you to co-manage with ophthalmology in a more proficient manner.”

Specsavers gives optometrists all the means to provide the best care that is accessible for their patients. As a result, patients tend to be very grateful and will most likely continue to return to you for their annual comprehensive eye exams.

If you like transforming eye health through quality eyecare and clinical excellence, let’s get in touch. Learn more by reaching out to our recruitment team at enquiries.ca@specsavers.com.

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