World Optometry Day 2023 – Dr Ramandeep Toor Spotlight

Dr Ramandeep Toor. Optometry Partner

Today, on World Optometry Day, Dr. Ramandeep Toor reflects on the importance of the profession and being patient focused.  

Dr. Toor always knew that a profession in a medical field was for her as she wanted a career that would allow her to build deep bonds and relationships with her patients. When it came to choosing her career path, she asked herself, ‘what human sense could I not live without?’ As someone with severe near-sightedness since grade 3, her answer was simple. To Dr. Toor, vision was her everything. 

From there, Dr. Toor was determined to attend school in Boston at the New England College of Optometry, where she was proud to have received her Doctor of Optometry degree. Today, she is a business owner with an independent clinic within a Specsavers in Edmonton before the age of 30. 

In a special interview with Dr. Toor, she reflects on her profession, her culture and her dreams with Specsavers. 

Q – What is your favourite aspect about being an optometrist? 

That my role makes a big difference in my patients’ lives. I am helping them see the world they live in.  

Q – Who is Dr. Ramandeep Toor outside of the clinic? 

I identify as a Punjabi Sikh – my culture plays a huge role in who I am as I am very involved with the community. At one point during the COVID-19 pandemic, I started a TikTok page showcasing Bhangra and Bollywood dancing – a huge passion of mine. It gained so much traction that I had over 100,000 followers with 7.9 million views on one video!  

Also, I love helping the community as much as I can. In 2019, I went to India to volunteer my skills by providing vision and ocular disease screenings in a village in Punjab alongside an ophthalmologist. I am proud to say that as a volunteer group, we saw over 700 patients in one day. The biggest lesson that I learned from this experience was that if you are good at something or have a skill that can be useful to others in need, it is important to pay it forward. 

Q – What inspired you to feel ready to be a business owner and drew you into clinic ownership with Specsavers?  

Specsavers’ joint venture franchise model is different. They have been great at being receptive and taking into consideration every partner’s feedback about creating a partnership model that works for the industry and Canadian market. They have given me the support and guidance I need in order to be the owner that I want to be.  

I love that the Specsavers model was designed to put patients first. My goal has always been to become a business owner, as I always dreamed of leading my own team centered around patient-centric care. Being able to receive good quality eyecare and eyewear is a basic human necessity.  

Q – How has business been going since opening your independent clinic? 

It has gone above and beyond my expectations! I can already see the difference this clinic has made in the Edmonton community.  

Specsavers’ support team has really helped to drive business and I can see it through the increase in patient bookings. I have currently been operating for four months, and I am essentially fully booked most days. I look forward to seeing how we continue to grow. 


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