“As a retail store owner, I focus on driving the business forward”

05/02 2024 - Stores

“As a retail store owner, I focus on driving the business forward”

Edin Skrgo has been the store manager and retail store owner (partner) in the Specsavers store in Karlskoga since 2018. He collaborates with an optometrist store owner (partner) to run the store. At Specsavers, our business model involves a successful partnership between a retail partner and an optometrist partner, who jointly manage one or more stores. The optometrist partner focuses on the clinical aspects, such as eye examinations. In contrast, the retail partner, like Edin Skrgo, takes care of everything related to the store outside the examination rooms. These retail partners are the face of the store and are responsible for overseeing the store team. They ensure the store operates smoothly, providing excellent customer service and managing day-to-day operations. With the strong backing of the Specsavers brand and extensive support from the support office in areas such as marketing, recruitment, and training, these partners work collaboratively to achieve success in their stores.

“I’ve always focused on the customer”

“You could say I took the long way”, Edin says. “It was by no means given that I’d work in retail and with optometry. My family and I had to flee from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Sweden in 1993 due to the former Yugoslavia war. After completing my education, I pursued marketing and administration studies in high school and also underwent leadership training in retail. During high school, I interned at Statoil and later became a permanent employee, rising through the ranks to become a store manager. Eventually, I was entrusted with the responsibility of running multiple stations within Statoil and, later, Circle K.

Taking the initiative and working my way up from an intern to a leader is something I’m still very proud of today. When Specsavers contacted me via LinkedIn about being a retail partner, it sounded like an exciting challenge too good to turn down. My focus is to provide customer service that exceeds their expectations. By creating engagement, developing my team, and driving us forward, we achieve results. We also benefit from unique internal training at various levels from the support office. Ensuring continuous growth and development for both me and my team.”

“Without the support from the company, it would’ve been much tougher”

“I didn't expect the journey to be so challenging, but in hindsight, it has been both instructive and enjoyable. Despite their large size, Specsavers stands out because of its strong sense of community, both locally and centrally. The company has a well-established structure, ensuring that you always know where to go and who to approach for guidance in different situations.

Specsavers excels in meeting the needs of its partners and employees, listening to feedback and providing development opportunities through various tools and platforms. Through my experience, I’ve gained knowledge about optometry and a distinct method of engaging with customers. Our focus as a retail partner is to make our customers' lives easier. Each day brings new opportunities to learn and grow, making it an enjoyable experience. Our company is always improving, and if you want to be part of a team that is dedicated to assisting customers, then this is the ideal place for you.”

“Knowledge and willingness are the keys to being a successful retail partner”

“I believe in the saying "The sky is the limit." If you have a desire, you can achieve it by investing in yourself and trusting others. As a retail partner, my role is to inspire and support my colleagues. Helping others develop is crucial for my personal growth. It's a give-and-take. If you want a great team to work together, you must prioritise their development to ensure all employees have a meaningful everyday life. We invest a lot in employee development and offer various training programmes. In the past, I was competitive and disliked losing. However, I've learned to celebrate others' success and growth throughout my career.”

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