Specsavers Graduate Program: Growing a passion for optometry

Graduate optometrist Prajna Vidyasagar from the Specsavers Wynnum West store in QLD says joining Specsavers has seen her passion for optometry grow due to the quality of the Graduate Program.

“Working as a graduate optometrist in Specsavers has been fantastic. The fast-paced nature of the practice means we see so many different clinical cases, which as a graduate really helps you grow more confident in your diagnosis and management skills,” says Prajana.

For Prajna, joining the Specsavers Graduate Program meant she was always supported as she moved from student to practicing optometrist.

“The mentorship program is beautifully organised and makes us as early career optometrists feel supported and well looked after, there is always guidance on hand whenever we need it,” says Prajna.

Completing the final year project that all graduates complete, was a particular highlight for Prajna, helping build strong, open, and honest relationships with her store Partners, a key foundation for her on-going career in Wynnum West.

“The Year 2 project was very smooth despite the disruption of COVID-19. Specsavers provided great assistance with ‘focus topic’ webinars, stacked with plenty of resources to brainstorm the perfect topic for us to pick for our project, as well as really understand the process.

“For me it was great to explore my leadership skills and personally grow while working with like-minded individuals to reach a common goal and help improve our store operations and processes for the better,” adds Prajna.

The combined impact of all this support has meant Prajna’s passion for practicing optometry has only grown.

“The type of work we do as an optometrist is so rewarding. Seeing a range of patient’s each day has been the best on the job experience.

“Being a primary eye care provider is a huge responsibility, however the impact we can make to individuals’ lives is incredible.

“The scope of our practice means every day we are helping patients by getting a refraction perfect, through to successfully detecting and diagnosing sight-threatening conditions and supporting those patients in their eye health journey. Also, seeing patients having access to affordable and great quality glasses is just wonderful.

“Walking into the test room, no two days are ever the same. There is always so much to learn with being an optometrist and I’m excited to continue my learning with Specsavers,” adds Prajna.

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