Tara Kelly is leading the way in Data at Specsavers. And she wants more women to join her.

Tara Kelly’s journey in data and technology started at the Office for National Statistics UK, where she worked on two Census programs, and developed specialist skills in response operations, website and program design, and data processing. In 2017, she took the lead on the Census Management Information project, refining her expertise in strategy and design […]

Katherine finds job satisfaction in Partner Development

Katherine Jennings has been with Specsavers for eight years holding three positions during this time. However, her experience supporting, and coaching leaders spans over two decades which contributes to the positive impact she’s had on Specsavers Partners. ‘I’ve been in the learning and organisational development space for over 20 years in various industries, including sales, […]

Specsavers celebrates diversity and inclusion

As part of Specsavers People Ambition to create an inclusive environment where our people feel proud to belong, we are pleased to continue sharing a range of stories and information about national and international days of recognition, commemoration and celebration to help improve our collective understanding and ensure our people feel proud to belong. At […]

Vaibhav follows his passion for data by pursuing a career at Specsavers

Vaibhav Mehta’s passion for data evolved during his final year of his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. A career with Specsavers was an exciting prospect for Vaibhav, and in 2021 he transitioned into the role of Data Engineer. “During my degree, I started learning about various machine learning algorithms through the Stanford University’s Machine […]

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