Katherine finds job satisfaction in Partner Development

Katherine Jennings has been with Specsavers for eight years holding three positions during this time. However, her experience supporting, and coaching leaders spans over two decades which contributes to the positive impact she’s had on Specsavers Partners.

‘I’ve been in the learning and organisational development space for over 20 years in various industries, including sales, retail, well-being, and franchising and I get great joy seeing individuals’ benefit from the development and coaching I’m able to offer,’ says Katherine.

Katherine is now focusing on building the leadership capability of Specsavers partners as the Partner Engagement and Development Manager, VIC/TAS.

I work closely with our Retail and Optometry Store Partners to support and develop their leadership skills and capabilities to meet the needs and challenges of leading in today’s dynamic environment,’ says Katherine.

Being a trusted advisor, Katherine is also considered a personal trainer, supporting partners in their leadership development and overall well-being, giving them the confidence to lead their businesses.

‘All of my work is about helping Partners unlock their leadership impact – coaching them individually to harness their strengths, working with them together to align their leadership approach in store and enhancing their skills and knowledge in our leadership workshops’, says Katherine.

Katherine also focuses on partner advocacy by working closely with groups of partners who are the voice of the partnership, which helps influence business initiatives and sets strategies for partner inclusion and engagement at a national and regional level.

While Katherine’s days are committed to providing support to partners, she finds immense satisfaction in the Partners’ personal growth.

‘I enjoy the powerful coaching conversations and training interactions that bring about an “ah ha” moment, where Partners can see new possibilities ahead of them,’ adds Katherine.

Katherine has always had a passion for developing and supporting people to be the best version of themselves.

‘My role provides me the opportunity to build trusting, honest relationships that impact the leadership space and overall business performance of our stores and the Specsavers brand,’ says Katherine.

At Specsavers, Katherine embraced her new role as part of a renewed strategic focus on Partners’ leadership development and engagement.

‘We are shifting the needle in this area with deep organisational commitment to ensuring our Partners feel skilled, included, and respected for their driving role in our Brand’s success, and supporting them to be high performing, capable leaders’, says Katherine.

Katherine said she learnt early on in her career that a company culture that aligns with your own values will make an organisation the right fit, ‘Specsavers culture focuses on people, demonstrated by being caring, supportive, passionate, fun and friendly, dedicated to eye health and making a difference in the industry.’

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