Try the advanced technology in clinics

When you practice at an independent clinic within a Specsavers, you get access to the latest technology. Have a look at what you have available at your finger tips to provide the best care possible for your patients.


Trained eyecare consultants support you by taking every patient through pre-test, so you receive results directly to your exam room for more meaningful consultations. Equipment at all our locations are carefully chosen to support clinical efficiency, accuracy, and detection of the earliest signs of eye disease, so you can deliver quality optometric care.

Topcon Maestro2

Make OCT technology available to all your patients. The Topcon Maestro2 automatic OCT and colour fundus camera system performs alignment, focus, and capture in a single touch.

  • Features widefield scan with reference database across RNFL, GCL, and disc topography.
  • Provides functionality for multi-field fundus and anterior segment imaging with automatic layer segmentation.
  • Supported by Topcon Harmony for full scan review, interpretation, image archiving, progression analysis, and more.

Nidek Tonoref™ III

Get the latest tonoref technology from Nidek with the Tonoref III.

  • Combined functionality of an auto-refractometer, auto-keratometer, non-contact tonometer and non-contact pachymeter in one device.
  • Pre-test is also supported with the NIDEK automated lensmeter.

Zeiss Humphrey® Field Analyzer 3 Visual Field

Enhance your patients experience when they need visual field.

  • HFA3 delivers reduced testing time by up to 50% with SITA Faster.
  • New 24-2C test adds ten additional points for central visual field.

Exam Room

Pretest results are fully integrated so numeric data, images and scans can be transferred directly to your exam room. Produce referrals and sync data for efficient and accurate patient recordkeeping with our secure cloud-based patient management system.

Nidek Intelligent Refactor (RT-6100)

Popular with optometrists for it’s convenience and ease of use, is the Nidek Intelligent Refractor.

  • Streamlined phoropter with remote clinician console for ease of patient interaction with configurable electronic chart system.
  • Fully integrated with pre-test auto refraction and lensometry readings.

Nidek Slit Lamp (SL-1800)

Your clinic wouldn’t be complete without the Nidek SL-1800 slit lamp.

  • Converging binocular microscope with Goldmann attachment for easy-to-view stereoscopic vision and continuously variable illumination.

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